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Dough-bot from Noodlesoft

Computer-aided pasta cutter
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Problem - Fresh pasta is better than the dry kind. Some people make it at home, mixing, kneading, and rolling the dough into a thin sheet, then cutting into noodles (see link). After all that work, you want the result to look as special as it tastes.

Solution - The Dough-bot computer-aided pasta cutter from Noodlesoft (tm) transforms your rolled dough into a medium for your self-expression. It gives you the freedom to create an infinite variety of spectacular shapes, without the drudgery of cutting them out over and over.

Just feed your rolled dough into the Dough-bot pasta cutter, and it will cut whatever shapes you like, hundreds or thousands of times, just like the vinyl-cutters signmakers use (see link).

The Dough-bot decides the cutting arrangement for you, so you waste the minimum of pasta. The dough sits on a firm cutting mat as it rolls through the cutter. The computer-controlled swivel blade cuts dough cleanly and smoothly, and the precision tracking mechanism has an accuracy of better than .003mm (semolina), and .006mm (durum).

Your Noodlesoft CD comes with libraries of pasta shapes, plus tools to draw (or import) your own shapes. Shape Libraries include:
The classic collection - 130 traditional pasta shapes
Fonts - cut complete phrases like "Welcome", "Happy Birthday", "Bon appetit", and "Meet me on the terrace after dinner."
Tiling - interlocking fish a la Escher. No wasted dough!
Origami dumpling wrappers
Food shapes - miniature fishes, lobsters, chickens, donuts, and swiss cheese with real holes
Decorative shapes - flowers, stars, galaxies, lacey fractals, clouds, Rorschachs
Seasonal shapes - autumn leaves, Xmas trees, snowflakes
Symbols - heraldry, national flags, religious emblems
Play-with-your-food shapes - doll clothes, army men, tic tac toe board
Add your own libraries, with our "open sauce" tools.

Still on the Atkins diet? You can also cut Swiss cheese, carpaccio, and bologna (plus frozen pizza dough and pie crust).

Those big pasta conglomerates extrude overpriced noodles from giant machines. But for the discriminating chef, caterer, or hostess, only personalized, computer-aided pasta will do.

robinism, Feb 19 2005

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[robinism, Feb 19 2005]

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[robinism, Feb 19 2005]

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[robinism, Feb 20 2005]


       Home Simpson shaped pasta. Dough!
DesertFox, Feb 19 2005

       They said "halfbaked" on the Simpsons last night.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 21 2005


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