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Pie Slicer

No more guesswork when eating a pie by yourself.
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Though it may be fun to dig into a pie straight from the pan, what happens when someone else wants some when they stop by? You could've prevented showing them the messy pie by instead portioning it first. If you have no clue when you'll finish the pie, place the basic half-cutter in the center. If you're sure it'll take four or more servings, place the next cutter on top. There is a hollow peg the center of each blade, allowing one to stack and turn the cutters to fraction as they please. Each blade also starts a half centimeter or so from the peg, so they can fit into each other without cutting. Box comes with eight slicers to stack so you can portion your pie in many ways. Also avalible--Right on Track Pie Slicer. Uses same stacking method, but with special grooves and bumps to fit the blades easily for making common fractions equal. Also good for slicing the whole pie (or even cake!) at once, or showing fussy children that every slice is equal.
BouncyPaw, Nov 01 2009

State-of-the-art in pie slicing. http://www.centralc...17&mpid=7714&dfid=1
Not adjustable. [jutta, Nov 02 2009]

Bobby Lee Grissett on American Inventor http://blog.inc.com...nd_the_product.html
with a square cake cutter, which I think is what 21 Quest remembers. [jutta, Nov 02 2009]


       // when someone else wants some //   

       Please explain this new, strange and rather worrying concept. The implication seems to be that the pie is in some way shared with others, instead of being surreptitiously devoured at the fastest achievable rate.   

       Can this "someone else" not make or purchase their own pie ? We can understand the concept of dividing a pie into segments to facilitate the process of sequential slice stuffing, it is the bizarre concept of non-exclusive pie consumption that we're having difficulty with.
8th of 7, Nov 02 2009

       I'd prefer a system like the one that [jutta]'s linked to, but with every slice a different size. Perhaps with a Fibonacci, or Golden, or Logarithmic property.
Jinbish, Nov 02 2009

       I like Jinbish's idea:   

       "... every slice a different size ...".   

       You cut and serve. Different people want different portions. Brilliant.
snifftheocean, Nov 02 2009

       Depends how many fingers you can still hold up ....
8th of 7, Nov 02 2009


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