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calf strengthening soles

Combines typical shoe insoles and ankle weights
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Kids around my school sometimes wear ankle weights under their jeans during the colder months. These help strengthen their ankles & calves. The problem is they flat out dont look right when worn with anything that exposes them or with tighter pants they show a little outline in the fabric. This doesn't look good at all. If you could make an insole, such as encased gel or something, and put in a good amount of some heavy metal..iron, tungsten, lead, what have you, and make it thin enough to easily slip in and out of shoes, that would solve these problems. These could be sold in different sizes so as to be worn with any shoes (sandals & other shoes with straps are a problem still) and with any pants/skirts/shorts you'd want. The weight would eventually be restrictive, i.e. they may not be as heavy as some people want. They would be a good alternative though to typical ankle weights.
filc03, Aug 20 2002

all you need are soles where the heels are lower than the toes. http://www.earth.us...der=men&cat=casuals
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]


       Personally I think that if you start your calves out on a good milk substitute, followed by a diet of good green grass, they should grow up strong and healthy.   

       As far as tying weights onto your baby goats legs..now that's just plain cruel.
Helium, Aug 20 2002

       //These help strengthen their ankles & calves. The problem is they flat out dont look right when worn with anything that exposes them or with tighter pants they show a little outline in the fabric. This doesn't look good at all.//   

       Who *really* cares if something doesn't look right as long as it serves its purpose. With ankle weights, they are cost effective and can be easily removed. Weighted shoes would most likely A) be expensive B) force you to carry around a second pair of shoes when you need to remove the weight.   

       Oh, I'm sorry. You're still worried about who looks *cool* and who looks like a geeky jock....
Susen, Aug 20 2002

       Don't know, susen.. looks can be important in the corporate world, as well, as much as some of us would wish it different...
yamahito, Aug 20 2002

       Gold's Law: If the shoe fits, it's ugly
Kids today - why... back in *my* day, we didn't even *have* shoes - seein' as how we didn't have those whatchamacallems - feet. We just had stumps. And we loved it.
thumbwax, Aug 20 2002

       If you think of those unsightly outlines as the hint of a secret slave bracelet, then they are as cute as all getout. UnaBubba, it isn't a joke, just another bad idea whose time has come, and as such we'll see it in Australia in 5 years time. For twice the price.
pfperry, Aug 20 2002

       Actually, my problem with ankle weights isn't how they look. Mine seem to slip down no matter what shoes or boots I'm wearing at the time, and it gets very uncomfortable, especially when they get right *on* my ankles, severly limiting my movement. (Even when I'm not moving, it still doesn't feel good.) Not to mention, I'd have to keep buying new weights whenever I want to go up --- as bad as they feel, I think a single five-pounder would feel better than two 2.5-pounders on one leg, just for example --- and I don't think they go up very high, anyway. So I would almost need boots or shoes that are weighted, so the weight could be properly distributed, and I'd have to get something that's adjustable, so I can upgrade. I think carrying around an extra pair of shoes would be more convenient than having to keep buying bigger ankle weights.
quantumryu, Oct 12 2002

       I think the ankle weights are more reliable and affordable to use. I been using ankle weights for about 1 year and a 1/2 and my speed has increased dramatically and yes it is sometimes uncomfortabe but hey like they say no pain no gain. I know that the soles is a good idea but not all the ideas are good just go for the ankle weights and ride it out I am living proof of the results that the ankle weights can do I went from a center lineman in football to a tight end, I play for the Desert Pines High School Jaguars in Las Vegas, Nevada if you wanna see good Football game come and see us, play this season our record was 12-2 we lost to the McQueen Lancers from reno. they were pretty good( ranked 50th in nation). Im telling you guys go for the ankle weights with time you will get the results you want and if people say anything do what I did.........show them how better you got in the field . and not all ankle weights are expensive I bought some from Big 5 sporting good store and they were a pair of 15 pound ankle weights for about $20.00 and I sleep with them walk around with them and if you wear them for aslong as I have trust me you will get used to them.
HowBOUThemLAKERS, Feb 07 2003

       The Desert Pines dress code is in accordance with the CCSD Regulation 5131 and the specific needs of Desert Pines High School. The specific requirements and prohibitions includes the following:
*Prohibits* the wearing of any attire that is not conducive to the educational setting at Desert Pines High School.
<Gavel>Clearly, you are in violation of that, and the team must forfeit all of it's victories. 0-14</Gavel>
thumbwax, Feb 08 2003


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