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Downhill Petwheel

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Two large round plastic hoops joined about 50cm apart so as to allow a rolling motion, designed for each specific pet. Strap the legs of cat, dog etc inside such that it is now in a 'starfish' type posture. A gentle downhill push will get them going, and after some practice they will soon learn to enjoy the spinning motion. Races can be declared in any park or playground, and this can also be an easy way to keep control of unruly pets.
benfrost, Aug 25 2005

Dachshund Luge Dachshund_20Luge
by, er, benfrost. [calum, Aug 25 2005]

Or this Roaming_20Goldfish_20Bowl
[zeno, Aug 27 2005]

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       I might be a kill-joy but I find this more disturbingly cruel than funny.
pooduck, Aug 25 2005

       only in the wrong hands
benfrost, Aug 25 2005

       If you put one hand in front of (and below) the other, it will step onto the lower hand. Then put your other hand in front... the hamster tends to accelerate, and the whole game gets tedious quite quickly.
david_scothern, Aug 25 2005

       i once had a girlfriend exactly like this.
benfrost, Aug 25 2005

       It wouldn't work with a cat, dog, any other carnivore or an elephant because they cannot abduct their forelimbs. I don't know about other mammals.
nineteenthly, Aug 25 2005

       [Ian] that's quite a cool story. Whenever my hamster escaped it would hide in a different part of the house, never the same place twice. I don't know if it was just chance but it was quite weird, as if it knew we would look in those places again.
pooduck, Aug 26 2005

       //easy way to keep control of unruly pets//
Morris unlocked the door. He suddenly turned back around to stare at Spot.
"No chewing on the window sill, Spot, Or else!" Morris quickly pointed to the Vertigatron hanging from the hat rack.
Spot quickly lowered his head and tail and Morris knew that the window sill was safe. At least for today, he thought.
Zimmy, Aug 26 2005

       //Maybe we could just make larger balls for dogs and cats// Sure you could. I almost posted a similar idea, but I didn't want to come across as evil. You could have several sizes of these "petballs", and start putting petball arenas in local parks. Just put several hampsters, cats, and dogs, inside their individual petballs, set them all in the arena (just a 10 meter circle with a short wall around the edge), and enjoy seeing who chases who.
sleeka, Aug 26 2005

       [Zimmy] i misread that as 'vegetarian' - what an odd thing i thought, having a vegetarian hanging from a coat rack. but then again
benfrost, Aug 26 2005


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