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Dragon Sausage

Breathes fire, and cooks itself!
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Recent, a brand of sausage called "Welsh Dragon Sausages" have got into trouble for false advertising, apparently it suggests they contain actual dragon. They don't, but it got me thinking, what would dragon sausages taste like?

Well, I don't know. But, I see a marketing opportunity here. I bring you Dragon Sausages, they appear to be normal plastic wrapped sausages. But bring a lighter near them for a couple of seconds and they catch alight in a sudden breath of flame and smoke. A gimick, maybe, but this heat has activated the lining of the plastic, which now heats steadily and cooks the sausages in wrappers in 15 minutes.

Great fun for picnics or parties, I'm not perfectly sure how the lining would work, but I suspect it is possible.

Germanicus, Nov 27 2006

'Welsh Dragon Sausages' BBC News story http://news.bbc.co....i/wales/6159630.stm
What all the fuss was about. [DrBob, Nov 28 2006]


       I was camping the other day cooking sausages on a wire rack over the fire and noticing how much the fat dripping from them was feeding the flames and came up with the "sausage candle" or "self cooking sausage".   

       I don't know if I'd actually eat one, but big buttery bun for posting this. You know, great minds and all that.
Custardguts, Nov 27 2006

       Of course, the fat. That could definately be utalised for the cooking process.
Germanicus, Nov 27 2006

       The actual argument was I believe not that they don't contain dragon but that because a dragon is a mythical creature, it was felt vegetarians might think they don't contain meat.   


webfishrune, Nov 28 2006

       I wont even touch this one.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 28 2006

       [+] Would be even better if air bubbles in the plastic could be moulded in such a way that dragon-like sounds are emitted during the heating process, scaring everyone but the owner.
Mr Phase, Nov 29 2006

       Maybe there are actuall Hebrew Nationals in the Hot Dogs. I wondered what had become of them.
MoreCowbell, Nov 29 2006

       theyn come in a "loch" box and must be steamed>
bulb, Nov 30 2006

       Hebrew taste in every bite
bulb, Nov 30 2006

       now with 30% more hog anus
bulb, Nov 30 2006

       no-seqiter intended
bulb, Nov 30 2006

       my bad juxtapositionment
bulb, Nov 30 2006

       //How stupid can people get?//

May as well ask what's on the outside the Universe. It's the tyranny of bureaucracy that has resulted in this particular farce. Trading Standards are covering their own back just in case somebody should ever make a complaint. The fact that there has never been such a complaint and that there is never likely to be one either is irrelevant. It's a possibility that there could be one and therefore they have to be seen to be taking action in order to mitigate against any future legal liability on their part for not taking action. It's an assinine waste of time but that's the society that we have created for ourselves.
DrBob, Nov 30 2006

       heh heh, great idea! bun for you   

       i found a tin of "all day breakfast" the ingredients said it contained "egg nuggets". is this false advertiseing?
balloon, Nov 30 2006

       I don't think I would choose to cook any food with burned plastic.   

       Perhaps something else, like alcohol?
RayfordSteele, Nov 30 2006


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