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Fake Package Thermometer

so you can trick customers into thinking their beverage is at the correct temperature
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In case your shop wants to cut corners and not buy [quarterbaker]’s invention. It always reads 120 degrees F, or whatever temperature is desired…
snarfyguy, Dec 06 2001

Package Thermometer http://www.halfbake...rmometer#1007590064
The original, and much better, idea [snarfyguy, Dec 06 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Package Thermometer http://www.halfbake...ter.html#1007590064
The original, and much better, idea [snarfyguy, Oct 21 2004]


       I've just rang trading standards anonymously
po, Dec 06 2001

       Imagine the lawsuits! "I bought your coffee with the intention of pouring it on my husband's genitals and disfiguring him for life, but it was lukewarm, and he just stripped off his trousers and made me look at his fat bottom for the rest of the evening. I want my money back, and compensation for psychological damages."
pottedstu, Dec 06 2001

       If my original idea were to become baked, and the fast food industry used it as a selling point, then the fakes would, by some nearly-natural law about human nature and economic incentives, quite predictably occur.

Was that a run-on sentence?
quarterbaker, Dec 06 2001

       That's why we have laws against fraud.
bookworm, Dec 06 2001


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