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Package Thermometer

Built-In Thermometer on Disposable Beverage Containers
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We've all heard of the "McDonald's Hot Coffee" lawsuit [please lets not talk about it here]. Wouldn't it be spiffy if coffee cups displayed the temperature of their contents?

Maybe you've seen the cheap thermometers that stick onto an aquarium. Similar to that, attach (maybe print with cool thermal inks) a cheap little thermometer strip onto the lids for coffee cups and other beverages. Then, the consumer can see the temperature of the contents before getting burned (or, maybe you don't like ice-cold beverages).

This could be done on other containers as well. Got a "fresh" burger? Well, shouldn't the temperature inside that styro container be above 120F degrees? Now, you'll know.
quarterbaker, Dec 05 2001

Beverage thermometer http://www.hallcres...amily/childcare.htm
Okay, so it's for baby bottles but the idea is about the same. [bristolz, Dec 05 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Beverage therms, lcd http://www.liquidcr...es.com/products.cfm
More stick on therms for beverages, but look like the cold, rather than hot beverages. Offers to custom make whatever you want. [bristolz, Dec 05 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Frozen Food Indicator http://www.supermar.../arch_08-20-01.html
Lets you know if frozen products have stayed frozen since production. [quarterbaker, Dec 05 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Thermachromic Inks http://www.interact...rs.com/Products.htm
Makers of inks that change colors at target temps. Can make ink to color change at a specified temp. So, with right combo of inks printed as a gradient, you'd get a thermometer. [quarterbaker, Dec 05 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

A Half-Bakery Classic (it's even on the tee-shirt!) http://www.halfbake...-chromic_20ovenware
Thermo Chromic Ovenware [mwburden, Dec 06 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       work of a bloody genius, I say - must go and look at your previous work - won't be too long   

       (my cousin dropped some coffee on her foot and was an out-patient for months and still bears the scar).
po, Dec 05 2001

       o.k. I am back - I will be keeping a close eye on your future career ( do you want an agent? )   

       A few more details on your home page would be useful
po, Dec 05 2001

       It'll have to be evironmentally friendly / biodegradable, but otherwise and outstanding idea.
phoenix, Dec 05 2001

       po - just for you, I updated my bio sheet here

phoenix - biodegradable it shall be (I hope)

Gonna do a bit o' googling to see how much current tech would have to be stretched.

BTW - I also had an idea for indicators to be put on frozen foods, to provide un-reversible evidence if the product ever was above a certain temperature. That way, you would know if the frozen broccoli you buy has really been frozen since it was produced. But somehow, I think that has been baked already. Don't know why I think that, but it's persistent. //later// Ah, link provided. I was right, it's baked.
quarterbaker, Dec 05 2001

       Hmm, a thermometer to see if its freshly baked...
riposte, Dec 20 2001

       Nah, what we need is a self-chilling soda that requires NO refrigeration!
kschang, Jan 21 2002


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