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Drake Equation Calculator Calculator

How many Drake Equation Calculators exist = Nn
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Nn = Ni × Ip × Ci × Ii × Pc

Ni = number of planets with intelligent life (See Drake Equation for breakout.)
Ip = number of individuals per planet
Ci = number of computing devices per individual
Ii = factor representing individuals' average inquisitiveness regarding the Drake Equation
Pc = factor representing proclivity to create a calculator

Laughs Last, Jun 16 2016


       But there's only one halfbakery in the whole universe. At least that's what the other one paid me to say...
RayfordSteele, Jun 16 2016

       um if it were based on 1990s data driven html technology you could have it get updates from science journals, so when say Boron polymers are discovered to autoreproduce on clay it goes up, or when gravitational expansion matter turns out to cause quantum freezing precluding chemistry of any kind, it decreases
beanangel, Jun 17 2016

       +. How many laughs can Laughs Last last if Laughs Last's last laughs last?   

       Proposed nice HB username: He Who
pashute, Jun 20 2016


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