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Dirigible toupee cannon

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Being a method for obscuring the vision of spy satellites.

The cannon is lifted on a triangle of aluminium, with large hydrogen balloons at each corner to the upper limits of the atmosphere.

Toupee's enmasse can be heavy, and so it is proposed that the toupees are lifted separately, also by balloons up a 7 mile high aerogel tower (still not giving up) to the platform,where the balloons are stripped off and the toupees are fed into the cannon and launched at the spy satellites.

(This project was derived from an earlier 1960's project codenamed YAPPYDOGBOGOFF, where a CIA balloon factory was set up near a convention centre and a show ground.

An alopecia sufferers convention and a chihuahua breeders show would be scheduled and the aforementioned aerogel tower would be released, primed with balloons inside it rising quickly to create an updraught sufficient to hoover up all the toupees and small, yappy dogs.

In this way Soviet satellite photography was obscured, or at least confused them into thinking they had found Laika)

not_morrison_rm, Jun 24 2013




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