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Dream Catcher

alarm clock that records sleep talking
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People say some pretty crazy things in their sleep. After one night my roommate overheard me say "Schwin, a school for twins, thats pretty cool", I have always wanted to know what I was saying and thinking in my sleep that I was unconscious of. This alarm clock also has a built in microphone and device that turns it on the second there is any noise made and records whatever is said.

It will be tuned to ignore any tossing and turning sounds or snores and just turn on when actual sound from a person is made. The user may then wake up to check the messages they left themselves the previous night.

goldenpennies, Nov 24 2009


       Is this in the vein of an alarm clock with random feature X? Also, wouldn't Snornar be a better title? Because snores would be 99% of your recording.
ldischler, Nov 24 2009

       Cool, (+) it might help people remember their dreams, though there are probably people who don't want to.   

       I think this should also give a dB rating that you could give when asked by potential partners. :-)
MisterQED, Nov 24 2009


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