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Mild Concern Clock

Wake up gently.
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This is the antithisis of the Terror Clock (q.v.). At the preset hour, the Mild Concern Clock produces a sonic or other stimulus designed to merely cause Mild Concern, rather than Alarm or Terror, thus waking the sleeper gently.
8th of 7, Nov 11 2002


       What should the sound be? The sound of a leaking roof? The sound of your car being stolen from your garage?
bristolz, Nov 11 2002

       Don't you just turn the settings down on the Terror Clock?
General Washington, Nov 11 2002

       perhaps it speaks to you very quietly in a rather sarcastic tone " so, you don't want to get up today? you don't give a damn about losing your job! the dogs are about to do a pile on the carpet! oh well, who gives a toss? I don't"
po, Nov 11 2002

       A sure fire approach would be for the alarm clock to start with warm comfy phrases:   

       <alarm's voice>   



       "MMMMMMMMmmmm! mmm..."

       <next round>



       "...a a a h h h..."

       "n i i i i i ce... w a a a a a r r r m m...w w w e t.... bed...."


_Mowgli_, Nov 11 2002

       a close relative to Talky Toaster?
rbl, Nov 11 2002


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