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Snore Button

The sound of snoring gradually increases ten minutes after you hit this button in the morning.
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One of the greatest noises to wake people up is the snore. One of the most important times to wake up is after you have hit the snooze button instead of getting up like you should. One of the differences in the snore button is that you can only use it once in a 24 hour period, and the snoring would increase and become more and more obnoxious as you continue to sleep.

Maybe it could get a bit quieter after a few minutes until you think it has turned off, but then it gets worse than ever. An added bonus is that the snore slowly and gently wakes you up, but is almost impossible to sleep through.

phauna, Mar 17 2004


       I find one of the greatest noises to wake me up is the sound of the road junction near my flat being re-tarmacced in the middle of the night to avoid traffic congestion during the day, this is almost equalled in efficacy by the sound of paving slabs being cut by circular saw in front of the building next to mine or the sound of dreadlocked bastards drumming constantly beginning at 7.30 a.m. to encourage participants in the city marathon. None of these are jokes, they really happened and within a few days of each other. But, of course, they happen blessfully infrequently. Snoring, on the otherhand, should be a capital offence, and whilst I appreciate the attempt to solve a problem which I suffer from greatly (lack of enthusiasm for the shining morning), I think I would, in fact, throw this thing out of the window fairly quickly. Thus, I remain neutral.
squeak, Mar 17 2004

       //One of the greatest noises to wake people up is the snore//

Should read: One of the greatest noises to wake other people up is the snore.

//Snoring...should be a capital offence//

You can go off people, you know.
DrBob, Mar 17 2004

       Luckily my fella hardly ever snores but amongst our friends there are a few world class examples. At various times we have shared flats,tents and bedrooms with some of these, once for 6 months and I regularly committed murder, or at least GBH involving duct tape, in my mind.
squeak, Mar 17 2004

       One could activate the system, stuff a couple of pillows in the bed, and escape undetected for a few rounds at the local bar.
Darwinta Clause, Mar 18 2004

       If my mate's been out on the razz, his missus makes him wear a bra back to front with 2 tennis balls in. Keeps him off his back, she gets a decent sleep.
saker, Mar 19 2004

       Damn, that's a good one.
normzone, Mar 20 2004

       [saker] At least that is the reason they gave the Police Officer.
gnomethang, Mar 20 2004


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