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Drinks Beetler

battery powered drinks mixer with angry beetle feature
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Stefan and Gustaf were home recovering from their recent encounter with the Hindu mystic and her dreaded Kaligraphic printer.

Stefan offered Gustaf a drink. After assembling the various contents for one of his famously elaborate cocktails, he turned his back on his friend, reached into a drawer and picked out something he had just acquired. As he turned around, Gustaf stared at the shiny instrument Stefan was now holding.

It was about the size of a small Maglite torch, from one end of which a long flexible stalk dangled expectantly.

Before Gustaf could make another comment, Stefan reached into another box and produced what appeared to be a small beetle, which he proceeded to fit unto the end of the flexible drive.

"It's my drinks beetler" explained Stefan triumphantly. "Want to see how it works?" Without waiting for a reply Stefan lowered the beetle into the cocktail glass and switched it on. Immediately on contact, its legs and feelers sprang into mechanical life, thrashing the bright liquid into a satisfying foam as they struggled and beat furiously against the sides of the glass.

"That was fun". "Yep, and it's easy to clean - you just lower it into soapy water, and switch it on again for a few seconds." "What else is in the box?" "Well it comes with the beetle you just saw, along with a fish, a small bird, a centipede and a human finger."

Drinks Beetlers are available in any colour. Other attachments are under consideration.

xenzag, Aug 23 2006

drinks beetler (v1) https://sodabred.tu...ts-a-halfbaked-idea
The illustration is just a scan of a scribble from a page of one of my notebooks [xenzag, Aug 23 2006, last modified Jun 04 2018]


       [B-B] just had a look at your screaming beetle bran - a most excellent idea, rewarded accordingly.
xenzag, Aug 26 2006


       Apologies..... this is (I think) the final image I needed to transfer from my Mac Perrycombover account to Picasa.
xenzag, Sep 13 2012

       Gustav woke with a start. Had he heard something in his room? A skittering noise, like hard legs moving quickly across paper? Stefan's guest room doubled as the library, and books lay in loose stacks on every flat surface. Gustav lay very still ... there! A dark shape stood silhouetted atop a stack of book. The Drink Beetler. That mystic had promised revenge as she hurtled away among the luggage on the top of that shabby bus. Gustaf lunged from the bed as he felt the beetle make contact with his skin. He struggled and beat furiously at his locked door, even as the beetle began thrashing the bright liquid into a satisfying foam.
bungston, Sep 13 2012

       That would be the Franz and Gregor version...
xenzag, Sep 13 2012

       Transferred illustration to tumblr.
xenzag, Jun 04 2018

       I missed this the last time around. [+]   

       "A vodka martini - beetled, not fingered!"
pertinax, Jun 04 2018


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