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Multi Fruit Helper

a machine to aid the preparation & consumption of "difficult" fruit
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Oranges were once the only fruit, and bananas hadn't been invented yet. Alas! there isn't time these days to laboriously unpick a truculent citrus, or tortuously liberate the juicy contents of a kiwi or passion fruit. The Multi Fruit Helper would have a range of settings from 'banana peel' to 'de-pit watermelon' to 'clementine spiral peel & segmentise' to 'kiwi bisect & scoop' and would feature a juicer function and a detachable bowl.
JOC, Feb 11 2004


       didn't apples come before oranges?
po, Feb 11 2004

       1.Jeanette Winterson "oranges are not the only fruit" 2.oranges were the most popular fruit of the victorian period. now we prefer graham norton.
JOC, Feb 11 2004

       speak for your elf. it was an apple that eve tempted adam with though. buggar the victorians...
po, Feb 11 2004

       // buggar the victorians... // is this still referring to Graham Norton?
jonthegeologist, Feb 11 2004

       ..and apparently 'buggar literacy'. furthermore, adam & eve didnt really exist. d'oh! odd that u never hear of anyone called adam marrying anyone called eve. or do u? my friend leo is seeing a lass named eve though. i digress.
JOC, Feb 11 2004

       Huh? To me, fruit has always seemed to be the ultimate fast food. It's compact, individually packaged in bio-degradable, all-natural wrapping, attractive, tastes good, comes in a large range of flavours, is healthy, cheap and can be prepared and scoffed within a minute or two. What's the problem? (picks banana string from between front teeth, thinks, "I wonder if there's a use for this stuff").
squeak, Feb 11 2004

       Ah, so tempting to resurrect the 'best way to peel a banana' argument but I shall resist.
DrBob, Feb 11 2004

       doesn't work anyway DrBob
po, Feb 11 2004

       Not listening!
DrBob, Feb 11 2004

       yes you are!
po, Feb 11 2004

       Oh no your no....never mind.
skinflaps, Feb 11 2004

       [DrBob] You cut the banana in half, across the center. Then you take a cocktail spoon with a long handle and scoop out one half, and then the other. After taking the first few spoons from a half you can fill the developing cavity with flavor enhancing substance like Kahlua or rum.   

       If you are still tearing bananas open along the sides and scatter peels around for people to slip on then you belong back in the trees!
kbecker, Feb 11 2004


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