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E-Z P-Z Lemon Squeezie

Lemon Juicer & Zester in one!
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(as far as I'm aware) You can get juicers, you can get zesters, but not a juicer & zester...that is 'till now!

You'd put the Lemon in the middle of the contraption, squeeze the handles and voila! Lemon juice would flow out of one end, and at the same time the zest would be conveniently shaved off.

Belly, Aug 08 2000


       What's a "lemon zester"? I'm guessing it's something that shaves off the rind...   

       (feeling ignorant)
egnor, Aug 08 2000

       Watch out Ron Popeil - there's a new kid in town.
Scott_D, Aug 09 2000

       A zester does indeed shave of the rind. If you've got a cheese grater (the 'box' kind), chances are that there will also be a place for you to grate rind too. However, you will soon discover that most of the rind sticks to the grater, and it is a pain to wash up (muderous to sponges and dish cloths - must use a scrubber).   

       I have a favourite salad dressing which requires both juice and zest, so this gadget would be most helpful....you'd still have to wash the darn thing up though.
Belly, Aug 09 2000

       The only problem I see is that different lemons, citrus in general, have different depths of zest, and it would be difficult for a one-squeeze device to neither waste zest nor give you some of the dreaded bitter pith.   

       But when a brilliant engineer invents one, I want it.   

       Maybe the juice could wash the zest off into the mixing-bowl, reducing both waste and cleanup effort.
hello_c, Sep 06 2000


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