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Drive-Faster Mirror.

Drive Faster wing-mirror
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Overlay a normal car-wingmirror with a small LCD screen.

If you are driving too slowly an artificial tyrannosaurus rex reflection would appear, which would catch up with unless you outrun it.

Probably wouldn't be a big-hit with road-safety organisations, but a boon for Jurassic Park fans.

Possibly could be accompanied by dry-witted pithy Jeff Goldblum samples through the stereo.

monojohnny, May 29 2006


       I think this is a clever & fun idea, which has been overlooked +
xenzag, May 30 2006

       This might work well with a downloadable clip of the mother-in-law chasing you with a rolling pin.
skinflaps, May 30 2006

       Could be accompanied by roars emanating from the rear speakers.
phundug, May 30 2006

       Would changing this to a Benny-Hill chase make this idea funnier ?   

       (With the music of course)
monojohnny, May 30 2006

       Dinosaurs = universal motivators. Bun.
epicproblem, May 30 2006

       I dunno... the front wings on my car are situated to the left and to the right of the bonnet.
david_scothern, May 31 2006

       // ...clip of the mother-in-law chasing you with a rolling pin... //   

       // ...a Benny-Hill chase... //   

       I'm sure that once the initial idea was marketed, there'd be hundreds of aftermarket "skins" available. Crazy Frog, anyone? =)
kmlabs, May 31 2006

       one could also install a compact servo-powered agitator in the cup holder to vibrate beverages synchronously with the footsteps of said dinosaur/mother-in-law.
akgeo, Jun 02 2006

       Who really has this problem? Not me!!
BJS, Jun 02 2006


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