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Drive In Driving Range

Combine a golf driving range with a drive in cinema.
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This is particularly good during bad parts of the movie and a great tension release to hit a bad actor squarely in the eyes with a golf ball.
benfrost, Nov 29 2004


       I would personally take huge satisfaction in nailing Tom Cruise between the eyes with a high velocity Slazenger. Short twat.
etherman, Nov 29 2004

       use lighter weight practice balls.
dentworth, Nov 29 2004

       //Short twat// is merely an onomatopoeic description of the golf swing...
Jinbish, Nov 29 2004

       [jinbish], I find that 'Abraham' on the Backswing and 'Lincoln' on the Downswing works for me!
gnomethang, Nov 29 2004

       to clarify - i see it being more driving range than drive in, so as to save broken windows and balls to the back of the head.
benfrost, Nov 30 2004


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