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Drive Through Theater

By The Time We Got To Yellowstone, We Watched The Entire Warner Brothers Library
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A bit late in these days of DVD players in the headrest, but the idea is simply to draw individual cartoon or movie frames into the "white stripe" lane divider.

Potentially two pictures actually, so you could see it either facing forward or backward.

Optional sound channel on the roadside assistance radio station.

theircompetitor, Aug 18 2004

Morbid Fascination Lane http://www.halfbake...0Fascination_20Lane
Since I've already mentioned it. [harderthanjesus, Oct 04 2004]

Road Tunes http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Road_20tunes
[Zanzibar]'s link for the soundtrack to this [Acme, Oct 04 2004]

Sub-Media http://www.sub-media.com/
Like most things, your idea has already been subverted for the evil work of advertisers. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

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       I missed that last bit, could you rewind a little?   

       Oooh ohhh yes! And the same on railway sleepers! Big Croissant.
calum, Aug 18 2004

       This had crossed my mind, but its just so problematic.   

       You need sound, but what if your not driving at the right speed? the sound will not synch. speed up and everything is in fast motion, radio won't accomodate. You'd need an independent sound player in the car, with the disc rotation speed connected to the speedometer, to calibrate the sound to your speed.   

       But, bun for the balls to post the idea, cause I never did, and now I feel the quiet lull of defeat knowing that I have too little faith in my fragile mind.
daseva, Aug 18 2004

       Optimum speed references right below speed limit signs. All but eliminates speeding and slow drivers.   

       "Grandma, there's a gas pedal down there for a reason! Wile E. Coyote has been falling for the past 10 minutes."
destructionism, Aug 18 2004

       Wouldn't you need a flashing (clear-dark-clear-dark) windshield/screen for the film effect to work?
FarmerJohn, Aug 18 2004

       why would that be substantially different then a pack of white cards with drawings on them, as in the earliest animation effects I remember?
theircompetitor, Aug 18 2004

       I love this idea. Road trip!!!
Machiavelli, Aug 18 2004

       Hey kids, lets go watch Cinderella!   

       But daddy, I hate that stupid B movie on the way back.
destructionism, Aug 18 2004

James Autobahn.

       A whole new way to get carsick. +
Lacus Trasumenus, Aug 19 2004

       How lethal is this? You'd have to incorporate the Morbid Fascination Lane to deal with the crashes. Oo, that was shameless. I feel cheap.
harderthanjesus, Aug 19 2004

       Yeah, [harder]...my respect for you just plummeted. I thought you were better than that, man.
Machiavelli, Aug 19 2004

       [theircompetitor] I see a difference between flipping cards that flash images at the same place and the moving stripes of a highway. I doubt that it will work unless you use a strobe light or blink in sequence.
FarmerJohn, Aug 19 2004

       [FarmerJohn] I'm not going to dispute that hitting 24frames/second at any kind of steady rate is problematic, but this is an HB idea, after all. You could plan for some average speed.   

       Years ago the New York subway had an experiment where you saw a cartoon on the walls of the tunnel when the train was moving, it worked just fine, and I believe it was achieved by simply interspercing the pictures
theircompetitor, Aug 19 2004

       Yeah, but the subway signs were backlit with stobe. So they flashed on and off in sync to the windows. You would have to have shutter glasses or shutter windows to get rid of the blur.
Ccapeland, Aug 19 2004

       Couldn't I simply blink at the appropriate frequency? Might even make it more fun.
theircompetitor, Aug 19 2004

       A subway version of this has been baked for use as an advertising medium. See link.
krelnik, Aug 19 2004

       hmm, talk about sponsoring a highway.
theircompetitor, Aug 19 2004


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