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Miss Muffet Usherette

...along came a spider...
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In the Miss Muffet Movie Theatre patrons can seat themselves as normal prior to lights out and curtain shuffle.

During the ads and trailers patrons can only get to their tuffets by being carried aloft by a very large mechanical spider which operates, gantry-like, from the ceiling. The method of carriage could be by magnetic force upon a specially supplied steel helmet (Doiiiinnngg!) or by a suspended comfy chair for any frail patrons.

Once the movie starts, that's it... the spider takes up a mid-ceiling guard position. The first mobile phone ring causes it to drop on the culprit, whisk them back up to the ceiling, wrap them in an itchy string food cocoon and deposit them at the base of the screen...where their pathetic wriggling and muffled cries for help serve as a warning to any other rude bastards...

ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 22 2005

The Balmoral Complex? http://www.bildungs...%20-%20IMG_1429.JPG
[calum, Sep 22 2005]

Theater Sniper Theater_20sniper
by tumwex, if I was feeling Irish. [calum, Sep 22 2005]


       I hope you choke on your next bite of cat.
blissmiss, Sep 22 2005

       [bliss] I think [UB]'s love of cats shines through in many of his HB works..
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 22 2005

       I was talking to you!
blissmiss, Sep 22 2005

       What about this idea indicates any dislike of cats on [CF]'s part, or is this some sort of running feud spilt over from another idea? I'm confused on that score, but the idea is brilliant. [+]
DocBrown, Sep 22 2005

       And please also wrap up those yappers..
or kickers..
or eating/drinking loudly, or coughing, or standing up. You know I think I'm going to hire a DVD again.
Susan, Sep 22 2005

       Ahhhh now I see. Thanks [UB], and welcome back by the way, not sure if I said that yet.
DocBrown, Sep 22 2005

       Im all for that. I think Id come in late jus for the free ride!
Seolyk, Sep 22 2005


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