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car hairdryer attachment

dry hair with showercap/hairnet device wearable on the way to work...
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Being from upstate NY and being victim to ice-head: the brilliance of this device struck me during my highschool days and my 20 minute drive to school. The device would be either attached to the heating vents or activated by plugging into the lighter attachment. The hair dryer would be worn over the head like a shower cap and hair net and be hands free. A regular hair dryer option could also be created but many would argue the dangers in that.
bubblegrrl79, May 07 2003

(?) Half Baked http://abcnews.go.c...d/patent990610.html
...and patented, more to the point. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Sorry, someone beat you to the patent office on this one - see link.
DrCurry, May 08 2003


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