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Drone flaps

Drones that take out the garbage are predictable. Drone flaps that open for them so they can fly the trash out are also predictable yet don't exist yet
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I like the idea of drones picking up dishes and washing them. I also like the idea of drones taking out the trash. The thing is that a quick internet search does not yet reveal drone flaps so the drones can fly in and out of the kitchen to the outside.

Actually there is a cryptoprosocial agenda. Almost everything at the .5b goes public domain. I am proclaiming this idea to be public domain, so that no one drone company corners the technology on drone flaps.

beanangel, Dec 30 2016

A more likely intruder.... https://s-media-cac...7c73928bb9cdf30.jpg
....with a cunning disguise [not_morrison_rm, Dec 31 2016]


       But will they stop the neighbour's drone from getting in and stealing all the drone food?
Wrongfellow, Dec 30 2016

       Last week, in freezing weather, our cat let in two other cats! Our old dog just stared at them for over 10 minutes and waited for me to discover them and respond, before running after them and barking.
pashute, Jan 02 2017


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