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Dust Blocker

Add Toekicks to furniture
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Strips of Black corrugated plastic lined cardboard. 6 -8 inches wide, and 6 feet long. Lift sofa, measure width and length. Subtract 6 inches from width, and length Create rectangle from cardboard 6 inches shorter, and six inches shorter than sofa. (If sofa legs are more than three inches from front and side of sofa, measure from inside of sofa leg to inside of other leg) Cut Cardboard to height of sofa legs. Attach box under sofa, using attached mounting hardware. Turn sofa right side up, Should make vacuuming and cleaning easier
senatorjam, May 05 2009


       sure, why not ? +
xandram, May 05 2009

       I'll just go fetch my wooden ruler.
skinflaps, May 05 2009

       This wouldn't work - my sofa is 2.4 metres long.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 05 2009

loonquawl, May 08 2009

       you must have read my tirade in "furniture forklift"
WcW, May 08 2009

       They used to call them "skirts" and they used to be all the rage with the homemaker types. "Modern" furniture deleted them due to their apparently decorative nature.
WcW, May 08 2009

       //off topic//Hi SJ. Hows the painting going? My email is the same you know...   

       Claire would have a field day shredding these with her manicured claws. I can hear the sound now. But because I don't vacuum under my sofa anyway...I give this a + and make it her official new living room toy. Instead of the couch legs.   

       (I don't vacuum because I have one of those plastic swivel things that goes anywhere I push it. It gets up the dust bunnies in a rather humane way instead of sucking the life outta the poor dears.)
blissmiss, May 08 2009


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