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Easy-remove rubber gloves

Remove rubber gloves without the faff or turning them inside out
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When doing housework, yellow rubber gloves (eg Marigolds) are often worn to protect skin and prevent fatalities.

Removing these gloves is tricky because a tight seal is formed around the finger that prevents the ingress of air needed to fill the vacuum formed between finger tip and glove tip. Resulting in a prolonged and unnecessary fight with ambient air pressure.

The solution I propose is to glue 2mm thick flexible but un- crushable tubes up the sides of each finger, where one end diffuses into the finger tip and the other opens into the collar of the glove.

Now, removal is easy, the tubes allow air ingress to the finger tips.

A further advantage is the glove can be removed without turning inside out, negating the need for reversion by inflation and the associated build up of condensation.

An alternative would be a vacuum box into which gloved hands can be placed where air pressure would not cause this effect. But this would require a sophisticated wrist air lock of some kind.

TonyDeaf, Dec 26 2021


       I was wanting these only yesterday. [+]
pertinax, Dec 26 2021

       + for the headline. But I would look for a different implementation. Perhaps pulling a zipper on the side would open the whole thing up?
pashute, Dec 29 2021


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