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Drone Dungeon

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Just played receiver the OCD gun handling game... I still suck at it.

Anyhow, I imagine what if we have a physical laser skirmish warehouse, retrofitted to include some of the drones you see in receiver (and other games).

Basically you would have:

"sentry gun drones" : Standard stationary drones.

"UAV flying taser drones" : Drones that aims to physically hit you.

"UAV flying gun drones" : Drones that shoots you at a distance.

"UVG ground drone" : SWORD like mini tank drones.

Obviously not with real weapons. But it does have equipment to try and hit the player, and detect if the player hits the drone with the laser rifle.

Drones could be either AI controlled (if AI dev is possible), or controlled by other humans staff (which in that case, the staff would at least know which is the closest drone to control.


p.s. Would be nice if it also shoots plastic BBs in addition to laser hit detection system. Yea laser is more fairer. But the inclusion of flying BBs might help discourage acting like rambo.

mofosyne, Jul 18 2015

Receiver PC Game Review https://www.youtube...watch?v=GCPRKfo2iKs
[mofosyne, Jul 18 2015]




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