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Drug Driving License

Allows users of certain drugs to prove their safety to drive
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Like the additions to your license such as being able to drive large or otherwise non standard vehicles, Drug Driving additions would certify that you had attended training,and passed a driving test under the influence of the substance in question.
modulatree, Jul 24 2003

Know if you can http://www.pocketla...ews.php?news_id=372
Its in German but the R&D is in Britain, anyone has a link? [kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       makes sense in theory...but nobody would pass, thats why these laws form int he first place.   

       that and its not a matter of if you pass one time its a matter of the statistics of whats going to happen the next time or the next.   

       but your hearts in the right place. food for you, i vote +
HalfwayHebrew, Jul 24 2003

       Could I get certified to drive with 0.15% alcohol? I would still be more alert to road hazards than most cell phone users.   

       Anyway, I think it is odd how the automatic assumption is that someone is not able to drive after one or two beer. On the other hand, someone driving home after a 10 hour shift, with a sick kid at home who didn't sleep the previous night, is considered fit to drive until proven otherwise.   

       A more rational way to verify and certify fitness to drive would save a lot of lives. (+)
kbecker, Jul 24 2003

       Maybe if you were licensed to drive only while under the influence of certain drugs... Have you ever witnessed what happens to a driver when his/her Ritalin wears off?
Tiger Lily, Jul 24 2003

       Have you had a conversation with people who say they are ok to drive or think after the use of certain drugs or alcohol. Sure, everthing gets alot more interesting for them but the non altered people they talk to are bored out of their skull or scared that these other people will start driving.   

       //On the other hand, someone driving home after a 10 hour shift, with a sick kid at home who didn't sleep the previous night.//   

       No one encourages people under those circumstances to keep driving, thus not making it a valid justification to drive. There are places on the side of the road that allow for people to get water, coffee, and even park if they are too tired. If you feel that you could be an at risk driver, get sleep, drink fluids or get off the road until you are better.   

       [marked for deletion] Advocacy, for the legalize drugs or unsafe driving idea, and Bad Science, (biology) thinking that this is in any way safe.   

       No offense Mod, I think you can do better. I swear, I'm not this harsh on everyone's ideas.   

       HWH, I read your profile and I sadly understand exactly how you feel.
sartep, Jul 25 2003

       I am one of the most careful drunk drivers I know. But driving stoned, that's scarey. I need more practice. Anybody got any weed?
mystic2311, Dec 23 2003

       I weed in your car, mystic. Will that help?
kropotkin, Dec 23 2003

       1) At least in the US, the government seems unwilling to recognize the use of any illegal substances without prosecution. If the government were to, say, begin to be able to wrap its collective brain around the concept, I think drug education (a.k.a. how to take drugs safely if you are going to do it anyway) and more in-depth recovery programs are higher priorities.   

       2) Would the testing agency be made to supply whatever drug in order to test people or would they just trust that the people were high/drunk, etc.
suzuki, Dec 23 2003

       Police in Britain is working on a reaktion test (link) that determines absolute if you are fit to drive. It would make the alcohol test obsolete on a rational basis. But I doubt that any of the teetotaler organizations would stop harassing drivers because they would loose a lot of funding.
kbecker, Dec 23 2003

       wha happen krop, somebody forgot to change your diapers?
mystic2311, Dec 23 2003


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