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Drug war D-day

The drug war meets russian roulet.
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The DEA takes the drugs they captured and adds cyanide, puts them back in circulation, tells the public.
hippy crusher, Mar 24 2001

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       Yes, PS is right. The DEA and their like have declared war on our neighbours, our own children and ourselves. The war does need a D-Day. We need to storm the beaches of Normandy and fight for our right to poison ourselves with whatever substances we choose, not just the ones they can tax easily.
sirrobin, Mar 26 2001

       Damn tootin'!
DrBob, Mar 26 2001

       Unabubba let me explain to you, We lost vietnam because we were not fighting with startegic war tactics. In vietnam or main tactic was simply to continuously patrol the land. And stamping out a religion is exactly what the U.S. and U.K. did do to Nazi, and Communism. And we never really fully waged war on Afghanistan, we have simply been ocasionally standing defense here and there to make sure that the situation does not turn into a war. The Drug war will be won, as soon as the American public starts to grow up, and stop buying and selling illegal drugs. By taking drugs you are not only hurting yourselvs but also the people around you.
wood2coal, Sep 14 2001

       How does my pot smoking habit hurt those around me? I hold down a job as a programmer making an excellent salary (still, after the dot-com bust), send my kids to private school, and just might be your neighbor and you'd never know it. America's war on vegetation is a farce and an excuse to get our sheeple to submit to having the land of the free turned into a police state.
Rant93, Sep 14 2001

       Rant93 perhaps you missed one important word I said "Illegal" Laws must be set and upheld to keep the people in order. I geuss drug addicts never learn until someone dies, it is sad that it takes death to open the eyes of people. And America is and always will be the land of free. You have no idea how lucky you are to live in America, Americans take freedom for granted all to often, when freedom is actually a very rare thing.
wood2coal, Sep 17 2001

       uhhh. Where in America is pot smoking legal? I mean really legal, not just California's (and various other states') medical MJ laws?   

       //Laws must be set and upheld to keep the people in order//   

       You mean arbitrary laws like "alcohol good, thc bad?" I feel that these days, enforcement of these laws is more of an excercise of weeding out those who would question authority and think for themselves. Sure, smoking crack and shooting heroin are probably not really good ideas, but I know far more people who have died or had their lives destroyed as a result of "good drugs" than "bad drugs." And I know a lot of people who used to smoke crack and shoot heroin and then one day, decided to stop. Stop listening to the propaganda and learn to think for yourself.
Rant93, Sep 25 2001

       Does cyanide have a taste? Could a simple test be devised to acertain wether the coke is tainted or not.   

       This would be important to the pusher and/or dealer who wants his customers to live long enough to make more scores.   

       Of course, the DEA could counter this by "flooding" the country with even greater quantities of poisonous cocaine.   

       Rant93, you have my sympathy with these--I was about to say "so-cons," but they seem more fasciestic.   

       Don't worry wood2coal. Your side has won. They are in power. Uncle. You and your masters have the power to crush and ruin peoples lives and they often do.   

       Why look at your side's accomplishments wood2coal, you have over 1 million Americans in cages! Your side have made an impression on millions more in the US and 100's of millions more outside--your side is so hated--as well as all of Americans.   

       As for WWII, the Soviets and her allies wiped out perhaps 3/4ths of the Wehrmacht, and by the time the US got around to fighting, UK was beginning to win the navel battle.   

       As for the Afghanistan, by the early 80's, the Soviets had broken the back of the Islamic fundamentalists. The CIA restored them to power and with Pakistan, the US funded the most retrograde elements of Afghan Mujihideen--some which would join the Taliban and Al Qaeda.   

       So again, your side won, with dreadful consequences. (What the hell were the Soviets going to do, make Afghanistan a powerful military-industrial base to draw off of?)   

       Now America has won Iraq. Will the Islamic wackos take over? I hear that the NW Frontier of Pakistan, America's nuclear powered Islamic ally, has instituted Sharia.   

       I know little will change. Again wood2coal, your side is victorious, but I don't have to like it, and me and others still feel free to consider your poppycock ideas--or the poppycock ideas of your masters--just that.
Great Satan, Jun 07 2003

       Cyanide supposedly tastes/smells like almonds. It's probably safe to assume that cocaine, marijuana, etc. don't taste/smell like almonds.   

       Massive distribution of drugs by the government would be massively illegal. Massive conscious distribution of poison to the people by the government would be even more illegal. When kids start dying of cyanide poisoning on prom night, it'll be pretty easy to figure out who spiked their drugs. Who would want to put cyanide in drugs on a large-scale basis? They would have to want to kill all drug users. Growers, dealers, wholesalers, smugglers, etc. wouldn't, because they would lose their customers. Personal rivals might want to poison someone's drugs, but only a particular person, not half of all drug users in America. The government would be the only possible perp, and if American courts refused to prosecute it, various nations around the world would probably stop trading with America, etc.   

       Either that, or you will have been responsible for bringing genocide back into 'vogue'. This'll be all fine and good until the nice couple next door dies and their kids are left without parents, and the high school junior down the street dies, and your doctor dies, and the CEO of your company dies.
disbomber, Apr 16 2005


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