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drug deception

mass movement to undermine drug detection
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so on your way across the mexican border, put a plastic bag of powdered sugar in your trunk. if, say, 25 percent of the population did that going across the b order, it would be impossible to detect actual cocaine. if everyone carried around oregano in their pockets, it would be difficult for police to make arrests.

basically, using large amounts of people to undermine drug detection.

not that it would be for good, though.

uberwear, Jul 16 2004


       at some point they would just make it a crime to try to deceive law enforcement, if it isn't aready. also, if they were lucky enough to catch someone, i'm guessing you could be charged for conspiracy to traffic. whether you were found guilty or not, the time in prison while awaiting trial would be a 9" pain in your ass.   

       or they would haul your ass in, let you languish in a small room for, oh 24 or 48 hours or so while "testing" was performed on your bag of sugar. and maybe even charge you with posession for the hell of it. you'd wind up hiring a lawyer to prove you were a dumbshit messing with the government. (-)
xclamp, Jul 17 2004

       9"? What part of the world?
bristolz, Jul 17 2004

       // 9"? What part of the world?//   

       north of the border, the great state of texas, where e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is bigger. (~23 cm for the metricians amongst us).
xclamp, Jul 17 2004

       //so on your way across the mexican border//   

       The border is the target area for most drug trafficking interdiction. But however many Border Patrol agents, laws and fences, still between 50 and 80 percent of the cocaine and marijuana entering the United States is "smuggled" across the border with Mexico.   

       I hate knowing that the american government leads people into thinking that the increasing drug problem their society is facing is responsibility of those evil mexican drug dealers when the true story is different.   

       While enormous sums of money fuel the drug trade, the United States’ increasing demand for drugs keeps it going strong. The border is too long and (estrategically) too unprotected to prevent interception of illegal narcotics from Mexico to the U.S.
Pericles, Jul 17 2004

       And if everybdy swallowed condoms packed with bicarb of soda before departing their Bangkok hotel for the airport
And if everyone shipped gigantic oxo cubes in trawlers on the west coast of Scotland
And if everyone carried eyebath fluid in vials labelled GHB
And if every manufacturer of pharmaceuticals used their pills as a medium on which to advertise other brands, such as mitsubishi
calum, Jul 18 2004

       Takes two to tango, [Pericles]. Also, I don't often hear the blame placed as you suggest.   

       It seems to me that most folks in the US understand that the demand is a fundamental part of the problem. Besides, even though drug traffic through Mexico accounts for a moderate amount of the total flow into the US, Mexico isn't a key drug producer and I can't recall ever hearing or reading of Mexico being blamed for the traffic.
bristolz, Jul 18 2004

       Oh, wait guys. Don't get me wrong. I'm just saying exactly what [bris] just said //Takes two to tango//.   

       Placing the blame on just one side of the "trafficking" is stupid. Clearly it's easier for the american government to place it on us when they're not doing much to stop it. Their country's addicts need their dose, after all.
Pericles, Jul 18 2004

       it seems that if only the idea brings forth debate over civil rights that the practice would be at least as effective.   

       in any case, i'm just saying that if, theoretically, thousands or millions started doing this at once then it would be impossible to stop.
uberwear, Jul 19 2004

       I have a feeling that the dogs are going to pass right on by powdered sugar and oregano.   

       Sorry [uberwear], this has been reverse-baked (frozen?). The US Government has thought of this already: it's as criminal to masquerade non-drugs as drugs at it is to actually hold the drugs. I think the main intent of this is so that you can't sell an ounce of "cocaine" that's actually .5 oz cocaine and .5 oz crushed-up No-Doz, and then say that you deserve lower penalties because it was only half cocaine. But it also means that the dealer who sells ecstacy and the dealer who sells caffeine pills and says they're ecstacy are equally guilty--and it also means that the guy who smuggles powdered sugar is as guilty as the one who smuggles cocaine. Good try, though.
disbomber, Apr 03 2005

       I propose an inversion of this idea - make everything that could remotely be considered a drug illegal. Coffe, tea, tobacco, penecillin and so on. This will not be particularly socially productive, either, but may serve to highlight the perversion of our justice and law enforcement systems that "The War on Drugs" has become. Actually, now that the ex cold war warriors have a bunch of Arabs to use to instill terror in the populace, I think you will find a waning interest in "The War on Drugs". For example, the US is currently presiding over increased opium cultivation in Afghanistan.
goldilox, Apr 07 2005


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