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Drum Roll SE for M$OE

An extractor for emails and files that have been forwarded 'layer cake' style to MS Outlook Express..
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"Open/or Save to disk" Repeat over and over until spammed or infected by a virus. Is there a better way? Rule out any email with an "Fwd" in the subject line? Return to sender with a "Please Remove Fluff" message attached?

How about a Search Engine that passes through emails and their attachments and generates a list of:
1. FROM line.
2. SUBJECT line
3. PUNCH line (this is the hard part)

To extract a punch line list, the engine would have to be able to distinguish the rudimentary information in such simple phrases as "No, daddy, it's a box full of hugs" or "When there was only one set of footprints, I was carrying you" and separate this from the obligatory closings, i.e.: Say this over and over 39 times and forward it to as many ....
reensure, Dec 26 2000


       YES, this one's a winner as I cannot stand opening e-mails forwarded from people who do not take the time to delete all the other headings.   

       I close with the words often used to preface the infamous Bill Gates promise-of-thousand-bucks-email: "You never know, this could actually work..."
iuvare, Dec 26 2000

       iuvare: "You never..." (grin)
Peter: I'm I stickler about going through the list, too, but I have a more annoying habit of responding to all at every level if I have something to say. I get some replies "Do I know you?" or "Are you a friend of my dad?" so I have to be awkwardly correct. Dude, not my style!!!
reensure, Dec 26 2000

       I delete everything that starts with headers. No normal email begins with quoted headers.
StarChaser, Dec 29 2000

       Every time someone sends me forwarded stuff, at least one person in the list has quoted all the headers.
StarChaser, Jan 01 2001


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