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Make Email More Friendlier For Push Notification Style Message

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Email standards should be updated to take into account that organisations are using it as an alternative to getting clients to install their apps for push notifications.

This means it needs

* Self destruct after period of time, or after reading/ack * Define possible messages to send back * Define short message, and thumbnail.

I suspect many orgs are using email as an alternative to push notification... very annoying.

mofosyne, Oct 03 2017


       "More Friendlier" - ?!
hippo, Oct 04 2017

       More friendliesque?
doctorremulac3, Oct 05 2017

       fewer more unfriendlyiest
Zeuxis, Oct 05 2017

       Isn't the whole point of email that it can't be made anything? It is a constant. If one person had more friendlier email, s/he would never be able to express this feature to that guy on the kaypro 2, the same guy who makes everyone use spaces. So it remains as it were.
mylodon, Oct 05 2017

       This sounds like it would be a feature of an email client, and as such would be opt-in on the user's part. I don't see the problem there.
notexactly, Feb 13 2018


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