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Email Notes

emails in context...
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My job as a low level channel coordinator requires me to send/receive emails from a large number of vendors. I quote a price and they counter quote. Our pricing is mostly arbitrary and so is there's. A perfect marketplace. I usually flag emails that are important. But flagging an email only gives me access to the contents of the emails…. This is of little use when I have already spoken to the person and negotiated a better rate. I need a way where I could right click on an email on my inbox and add a note to it… like in excel.
nomadic_wonderer, Mar 13 2006



       There's something wrong with that...what is it? Ahh, you forgot your apostrophe. You can borrow mine. '   


       that's the one.
jellydoughnut, Mar 14 2006

       Maybe 'Smart tags' could be used?
Ling, Mar 14 2006

       jellydoughnut: um, how can I tell you this...?
nomadic_wonderer: Forward or Reply to the email, but send it only to yourself, with the added note. Not elegant, maybe, but until Microsoft pays attention to you, it will work, and preserve the email chain. My wife does it all the time.
DrCurry, Mar 14 2006

       [jellydoughnut], if I had to choose between your correction, or what I think the majority of the halfbakers would suggest, I would select theirs.
Ling, Mar 14 2006

       There's the one.   

       I like the idea of excel style cell annotation added to inbox listings. +
bristolz, Mar 14 2006

       [jellydoughnut]: happy now?
nomadic_wonderer, Mar 14 2006

bristolz, Mar 14 2006


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