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Drunk emails

The drunk brain never lies
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I think windows should be able to detect the presence of alcohol, and deliver your emails unedited when under the influence.

For example, I sent my boss an email tonight which originally read:

"Dear Boss, your constant whingeing serves to illustrate the fact that I have always believed. That you have no brain, and are, in fact, a complete shithead, in every sense of the word. I spit on your wish list, and wipe my arse on the cutting edge of your ideas, which are as blunt as a banana which has been squashed. You are the epitome of bad taste, bad design, and you smell. Often."

What I sent read:

"Hi Boss. Great Meeting, regards JN"

I think the original cut it better...

Skybird, Oct 11 2001


sdm, Oct 11 2001

       You've had a bad day, haven't you Skybird? Perhaps it should just hold all e-mails for 24 hours so you can have a reasonable cooling down period. Then just choose the one that you really, really want to send. But make sure you've got another job all lined up!
DrBob, Oct 11 2001

       Microsoft Breathalizer 2.0...
phoenix, Oct 12 2001

       If you can still write, you obviously haven't drunk enough.
Guy Fox, Oct 12 2001

       RT, do you think that could have anything to do with your previously posted unfamiliarity with the Shift+4 character?
daruma, Oct 12 2001

       Oh no, I assure you thats a common thing daruma ;)
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 12 2001

       I never think of work once I'm out the office*. I want something that'll stop me sending drunk text messages to my mates promising to buy people meals or arranging nights out that I immediately forget about. Although a couple of weeks ago I did send one of my friends a really passive-aggressively stroppy message about loads of stuff I'd never say in sober life, and got a massive apology, so I can see the benefit of this. You just need something to remind you of any commitments you've made while inebriated, so you can act swiftly to quell them.   

       *and not that often when I'm in the office.
pottedstu, Oct 13 2001


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