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Notification Suspend

On Video and Online Calls
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Given the amount of video/online conferencing and screen- sharing that is taking place right now, online notification, be it from your significant other, your other significant other, your buddies, your pet groomer, etc are really a real bother
theircompetitor, Nov 13 2020

Paging DoctorRemulac3 Why_3f
[kdf, Nov 13 2020]


       Windows 10 has "focus assist" which essentially does this.
bs0u0155, Nov 13 2020

       No notifications, ever anything ever. Until that's the default, mankind will never rest. I hate all notifications, nudges, alerts and pop-ups of this nature, cruel unnatural beasts that they are. Why not have an "Expunge All Notifications from Existence" button and be done with it? [+] for baby steps in the right direction.
zen_tom, Nov 13 2020

       Ok, so I'm paying a huge amount of money to continue to do psychotherapy via Zoom. I couldn't let months go by without a visit, so I opted for private pay sessions.   

       Well, let me just tell you, her notifications going off all the time while I'm spilling my guts to her, telling her all my past traumas and trying to work through them is completely unacceptable. They break the flow of the memory chain and the passion of past events. So I applaud this and want her to see this post.
blissmiss, Nov 13 2020

       Blissmiss, that sounds terrible and you need a new therapist. I understand doctorremulac3 is accepting new patients (link).
kdf, Nov 13 2020


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