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Spam apples of discord.

We can't all just get along.
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Spam often comes to me with the address of a real entity as the supposed sender. Sometimes these are personal messages.

I propose that one might create spam apples of discord to spur emotional exchanges between two complete strangers. These would consist of a confabulated back and forth between the recipient and the sender, both real people. The discourse would become progressively more intemperate within the emails. Some emails would be aggressive in the "yo mamma" style, some might concern money or business, some might concern politics. This series of supposed emails is then sent to one of the sham participants, purportedly from the other as part of an ongoing exchange.

Who knows what wondrous flavors such a random stir of the pot might produce? Perhaps the two strangers will pick up the exchange where it left off. One might eventually challenge one another to a duel. They might go into business. There could be complaints, or maybe accolades. Perhaps each will try to apologize for the misunderstanding, eventually coming to be friends, and then fall in love.

bungston, Oct 03 2008




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