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Adding mood to the e-mail protocol.
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The trouble with e-mail is, you don't know the persons mood when he/she actually reads your mail. Many times you end up saying something that you would never say to them, if you know they are in bad mood. Also as a receiver, you are all pumped to start the day at work and you get a mail from your friend talking about his vacation. So I think the e-mail protocol should be modified to add the mood of the content. So you have a choice to read only those you are in mood for. When you send some stuff atleast you will know the person will read it when he is in the right mood for it.
my2cents, Jan 14 2002

Imood http://www.imood.com
Not the same idea, but it can mail people's moods to you. [bookworm, Jan 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I would prefer the sender to indicate the mood they were in when they sent it.
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       or helllloooo angel, hows my little thumbprint today?
po, Jan 14 2002

       99% of my emails say that, blissmiss. 1% of my emails say that, po.
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       do you want me to send you 2 a day then?
po, Jan 14 2002

       What are emoticons then?
phoenix, Jan 14 2002


…(no subject)
…¨¨4 U
…thought you'd want to know

       These moods aren't (I repeat, Are Not) hard to discern. Worried about what your list thinks -- throw on an emoticon :›¡
reensure, Jan 14 2002

       I always thought this one looked like a squid C:< slippery emotions anyone?
notripe, Jan 14 2002

       People can usually recognize mine. If the e-mail is extremely polite, I'm in a *really* bad mood.
angel, Jan 15 2002

       <Scooby>rut ro</Scooby>
thumbwax, Jan 15 2002


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