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Lenticular bumper stickers

Display different message based on viewing angle
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Remember the old lenticular postcards that would have a 3D effect when you looked at them, or something appeared to move if you turned them?

You could do the same with bumper stickers and display a different message depending on the angle of the viewer.

A message viewed from a horizontal line of sight could say "Come a little closer" and then someone who is tailgating would have a view from up high and could see something like "Hey, back Off! You're too close now!". Message viewed from the left could say "can you see the driver yet?" and from the right "I just passed you".

I'm sure funnier or otherwise more creative messages are possible. Please help. I can't think of any right now.

jmvw, Jul 26 2006

what tcarson is probably referring to. http://www.halfbake...rial/help.html#list
But there's enough meat in the idea here - no problem letting it stay. [jutta, Jul 27 2006]


       cool idea, but you can't call for a list.
tcarson, Jul 27 2006

       sorry [tcarson], but jmvw just did.   

       How about when viewed from below: "you've just been run over. try not to bleed on the radiator"   

       Or better, a bonnet-size sticker that when viewed from the driver's seat makes the front of the car look like a ferarri (SP?) but from in front it looks like there is no bonnet and you can see the engine. Door-sized stickers could work on a similar vein.   

Custardguts, Jul 27 2006

       How about a closed hand that, as you get closer, the middle finger rises...
Pac-man, Jul 27 2006


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