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Dual Drive Vectored Thrust

Jet Fuel, Xenon Ions, and Nuclear Reactors, what could go wrong?
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Generaly jet aircraft are pretty reliable pieces of equipment. Compared to say other spacecraft and the technology is pretty well perfected. Unfortuneately jet aircraft tend to stop working when they are in a vacuum so they're pretty useless in outer space, but getting around in an oxygenated atmosphere generally works pretty well. So I propose we make aircraft that have 2 different types of engines, Jet Engines for in atmosphere thrust and Xenon Ion drives for outer space. If you used hydrogen for fuel you might be able to forego the nuclear reactors necessarry for the microwaves neccesarry and simply use jet turbines to produce electricity to reverse the fuel cells when you were in an oxygenated environent. I think these would make great landing craft for capital ships as they would work great in space and on the earth.
Chrishnaugh, Apr 26 2005

How Rocket Engines Work http://science.hows...orks.com/rocket.htm
from howstuffworks.com. May not be exactly what you want, Murdoch, but has some good stuff in it. [st3f, Apr 26 2005]

C-A-P-I-T-O-L http://dictionary.r...om/search?q=capitol
Where W. Lives [Chrishnaugh, May 04 2005]

C-A-P-I-T-A-L http://dictionary.r...om/search?q=capital
What big ships that build things should be called. [Chrishnaugh, May 04 2005]


       There's a bit of a gap there--the jet engine will stop working long before you truly even exit the atmosphere, and the ion drive won't provide nearly enough thrust even to escape Earth's gravity well until you escape it entirely. At least, AFAIK--I haven't heard of an ion drive capable of more than about 1/10G of thrust.
5th Earth, Apr 26 2005

       [murdoch] Hypergolics
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 26 2005

       Sure... why not...   

       1. Thrusters on a US space shuttle use pressurized gasses to propel and manuver said ship.   

       2.Nerdy un-researched posts are pretty retarded here at the 1/2 bakery. Such as this one.   

       3. Ion drives are pretty damn pathetic. They barely have enough thrust to propel anything. Yes, certain sattelites have used ion engines to effect. But, they   

       //I think these would make great landing craft for capital ships as they would work great in space and on the earth.//   

       1. Capitol is spelt C-A-P-I-T-O-L.   

       2. Capitol ships? I hope you are not implying that there would be and it would be possible to have ginormous space battleships, that wage war on other ginormous space battleships. Like in star wars.   

       It would be to expensive to build said capitol ship, would take way to frigging long to build. Would be fricking pointless to. Just what in the heck are you going to shoot at in sapce anyway?! Are there OTHER ginormous space battleships out there, that can LAND on Earth AND cruise around in atmosphere without crashing out there that would supposedly shoot said capitol ship?
EvilPickels, Apr 26 2005

       Ang on a sec. The essence of this idea is a craft that has jet engines and ion drives? I miss the novelty, somehow.
Basepair, Apr 26 2005

       I beg to differ, not on the matter of ion thrust, sorry just bad legwork, but on the difference between capital and capitol: Capitol is a specific building like the Capitol in washington D.C. Capital is an economic term referring to items necessary for the production of other goods and services, generally this term is misrferenced as a large sum of money i.e. "I'd buy that firm but I don't have the capital." Capital, in my humble opinion, would be more correct for this particular use as they would be some form of large factory for the production of zero gravity doohickies.
Chrishnaugh, May 04 2005

       Touche. However, to extend the argument that our ability to think has been compromised (Capitol ships. heh.) by overexposure to science fiction premises, don't all friendly astronauts use antigravity drives for brief slips down to ready planets? Only warships use rockets, add pollution to their trespasses, and stir up dust and debris.
reensure, May 04 2005

       We are at war, war against the long cold heat death of the universe.   

       We need to get out there and populate.   

       Spread the thoughts of mankind to the farthest reaches of space.   

       Probe every barrier in our way.   

       Stop for a cup of tea occasionally.   

       Explore every phenomenon we meet.   

       Shift into hyper-drive and zoom about a bit.   

       Although ideas like this one won't help [-]
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 25 2009

Explain to me where the vectoring comes in (apart from the title).

       What everyone else said (apart from [EvilPickels]). SMART-1 had an ion thruster, the thrust of which was equivalent to the weight of a sheet of A4. Took a year to reach the Moon, travelling 80 million km to reach an object less than 400 thousand km away.
coprocephalous, Mar 26 2009

       I'm way late on this, but the President of the US lives in the White House, not the Capitol. The Capitol is where Congress works (but does not live).
notexactly, Apr 12 2019


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