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Dual Purpose TV

Sound from one channel, picture from another
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I have cable radio on my TV (along with about 1000 other channels) (which all seem to be showing the same few movies over and over again, before you get jealous). However, the picture presented is the height of dullness - static soundtrack information. Moreover, there are many channels with interesting pictures but sound tracks that are incomprehensible to me, the soccer matches on the Mexican channels, for example, or mind-blowingly dull, such as the 24-hour war footage on CNN.

Put the two together, and you have your own music video channel without commercials, perfect for relaxation or parties. So I propose a TV or cable box that would let us do that thing.

[Can you do this with Tivo?]

DrCurry, Apr 01 2003


       fantastic idea, but could also be good for entertaining youself when enormously bored. The cast of "Will & Grace" performing the CNN nightly news?
i will sometimes mute my TV and provide the track myself, is more entertaining than most reality TV
igirl, Apr 01 2003

       You can do this with a typical home theater system. Watch the TV picture of one station while listening to the sound from another station through the VCR's tuner. If you get the right match of shows, it can be quite entertaining. Many serendipitious moments... such as watching the image of a steel mill pouring molten metal into molds, while hearing the sound of a Kool-Aid commercial.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2003

       Your idea is great but doesn't go far enough.   

       When I get home from work, my mind's still racing for about an hour I channel surf like a demented lab rat.   

       I want a TV that divides the screen into 4 and plays all four (or just one) audio channel(s) at once.
FloridaManatee, Apr 01 2003

       //watching the image of a steel mill pouring molten metal into molds, while hearing the sound of a Kool-Aid commercial.//
Or vice versa.
angel, Apr 02 2003

       Sorry I am a bit late but hey....   

       Hook your Ipod or DVD which plays a CD of your mp3s and hook your scart plug up to a composite convertor and separate the audio from the video of your sat TV/Cable TV. This gives you what you are looking for for the price of a couple of basic cables from Dixons or Radio Shack (do they still have that in the states, I don't know ?)
PainOCommonSense, Jun 02 2004

       Years ago when I had no money I would snag trashed tvs and see if i could fix them. For about a year I had 2 tvs one with working sound and the other with working video.
macrumpton, Jun 04 2004


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