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GameShare Goggles

Glasses for sharing a single television screen for multiplayer video games.
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I hate those small split screen views you get when you go multiplayer on a game like Halo. My product would be a simple pair of glasses that would alternate from clear to opaque at some freq. Your opponents glasses would switch 180 degrees out of phase with yours. The program would of course have to display the right info on the TV at the right time for the corresponding player. This should be easy enough to do. I feel sorry for any third party watching without goggles on, they might go into a seizure.
nimbenja, Apr 15 2004


       Alternatively, you could buy a second TV.
Cunninglinguist, Apr 15 2004

       You could buy a second TV, but if you had this system, it would probably also allow playing single player games in 3D. Of course if a games was more fun in 3D, when you wanted to play it multiplayer, you'd be back with the same problem as before. You might be able to try displaying two 3D pictures at once but I suspect it would look bad with each image only showing up 1/4 of the time.
scad mientist, Apr 15 2004

       Good idea.
On a PC monitor, the update frequency would probably be fast enough to show 2 x 2D images. Perhaps non-interlaced images would be better.
I wonder if the update frequency is fast enough for 2 x 3D images (I think some can update at about 100Hz).

Synchronisation could be by placing a small sensor on a corner of the screen, or connnection to a PC port.

I wonder if sound could be used to synchronise (no wires)?

A third party could also wear goggles which might be switchable between payer 1 and player 2.

Two TVs or monitors would require two video outputs.
Ling, Apr 16 2004

       Obviously you could buy a second TV, but how many homes do you know where there is room for a second large 32" or better TV? The idea here is to not have to drop another $1000 or more on a large hi-def TV, not to mention building a new second entertainment stand to house it.
nimbenja, Apr 16 2004


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