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Better category suggestion welcome.
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My wife and I work a lot... and by a lot I mean we're both on call 24 hours a day and every day is just another Monday.
It's been that way for a while now.

We enjoy binge watching programs together in our down time.

Problem is, we find things that pique our interest... and then weeks go by and we can't remember exactly what that show was or which provider streamed it.

Is it too much to ask for a 'Home' button which can show you your past views and which of ten thousand channels provided it?

Maybe a rating option and such?
Y'know for sure it's already tracked. What's the down side?

C'mon guys. The ball has totally been dropped on this one.

//Someone should think about creating a blanket platform collecting royalties from all other providers... // https://xkcd.com/927/
[pocmloc, Oct 23 2022]


       You can’t write reminders to yourself? Don’t have a notebook, a pad of sticky notes, a computer?
a1, Oct 23 2022

       Literally no time.   

       Weeks go by.   

       Should already be a thing. Past watch history, should already be a thing,   

       Why no such thing?   

       Do you write reminders on sticky notes of program preferences?   


       Completely agree that this is useful feature.   


       However it is already implemented for at least some services: I verified that it works for Amazon Prime video. Roku and Hulu both claim to have the feature, but I didn't verify. Just google "[service] watch history". Those are the only three I checked, so I could imagine there would be some services without this feature. I guess you could still have the problem of trying to remember what service you were watching last, so it might be nice if your smart TV kept a history for you. Oh wait, I googled "smart tv with watch history" and found instructions for clearing the history on a Samsung TV, so I guess it's been done. If it's an important feature for you, you might just need to upgrade to a service or TV that has this feature.
scad mientist, Oct 23 2022


       Well dang.Someone should think about creating a blanket platform collecting royalties from all other providers...   

       ...now shouldn't they?   

       I think that was what Netflix tried to be, but other providers came into existence (or, rather, evolved from content owners) because they didn't want to pay royalties to Netflix.
pertinax, Oct 23 2022

       // Do you write reminders on sticky notes //   

       No, but I keep lists in the Reminder app on my iPhone. And before that a Palm computer. And before that I usually carried a small notebook and pencil in my back pocket.
a1, Oct 23 2022


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