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Dual personal stereo speakers

If you get breast implants, might as well get speakers, too
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People will invite you to parties just to have the music.

You can be part of the Emergency Broadcast System.

Take your tunes with you under water.

Have your own PA system for crowd control.

The Boyfriend will insist on putting his head midway between the two speakers because the sound is so realistic

They can even play your funeral service from your casket.

So your breasts crunch and twitter a bit, you wanted to be noticed.

popbottle, Jun 18 2014

For temporary use only Spray-on_20Implants
[normzone, Jun 18 2014]

Pre-heated at least... http://1guysview.bl...-break-through.html
...Test subject with additional amplification [normzone, Jun 18 2014]


       Your saying some users might need specially constructed clothing to aide the acoustics ? Not so mushy ?
popbottle, Jun 18 2014

       I'm not liking this idea. At all. But I never bone, I only bun or ignore. So consider this ignored. Maybe a penile implanted speaker, but no breast implanted ones. Thanks.
blissmiss, Jun 18 2014

       //penile implanted speaker// ah, so that's what a "talking head" is.
FlyingToaster, Jun 18 2014

       Well they would have to change it to *The Emergency Boobcast System*.
xandram, Jun 18 2014

       So there will be sub-woofers, woofers, mid-range and tweeters?
normzone, Jun 18 2014

       A stereo design site had these two rules.   

       The listening area needs to be exactly in the center of both speakers. Use a tape measure if you want to get really accurate.   

       The distance between the speakers should be 75% to 100% of the distance that you are from them.   

       That would surely invade personal space. Even the proud owner would have to look right or left to move their ears even near the center line of the speakers.   

       Now with twins penile or double breasted, you could put some distance between the speakers and move listeners out of the personal space of the speaker carriers.
popbottle, Jun 18 2014


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