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Laser tunable onionlike breast implants

each implant is made up of concentric layers of material, each of which can have its firmness tuned with a laser, to create a realsoftness(tm) profile
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Polymethylmethacrylate changes its softness with a variety of inputs. It is possible that PMMA concentric layers at a silicone could be individually laser tuned, to produce ions that change PMMA volume or density to be of different gradual softnesses to produce RealSoft(tm) breast implants.

ever seen a diagram of mitochondria cristae? hmmmm.

anyway, I favor women or girls trying out hormonal breast growth instead. I think I read at the eentsy writing at a breast implant ad that about half of all implants are removed after 7 years. That is really extreme. Use homeones that imitate pregnancy instead. Hormones that imitate the breast growth of pregnancy might go up a cup size or possibly two, giving the woman or girl a test run of her preferences, before considering implants.

beanangel, Jan 13 2017




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