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Tofu Breast Implants

Natural Non-Meat Alternative
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The firm sensuality of soybean curd.
benfrost, Jun 04 2001

No comment
[angel, Jun 04 2001]


       You're determined to find a use for tofu, aren't you? This is the best so far.
angel, Jun 04 2001

       "Tofu" is just one of those intrinsically funny words, isn't it. Like "fanny" and "googol" (or "google"). Benfrost, if you find it difficult to resist any idea involving tofu, chant "Tofu banana-fanny, food for toes, tofu a-giggle-pickle, tofu you!" until it goes away.   

       (Well you don't *have* to. It's just a friendly suggestion.)
Dog Ed, Jun 05 2001

       Re the word "tofu": when I was just snarfyboy I thought people were saying "toe-food" and I've shunned the stuff ever since (save for a brief epiphany in Tokyo).
snarfyguy, Jun 05 2001

       someone else called it toad food,perhaps thinking it was
technobadger, Jun 05 2001

       tofu is an evil substance developed by femi-nazi vegitarians who are afraid of red meat and men.
harp1369, Apr 29 2002

       'femi-nazi' is a word used by men who eat too much red meat and are afraid of women.
Jeremi, Apr 30 2002

       Tofu = Lard-flavored jello.
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2002

       Frosting = Jello flavored lard.
Spacecoyote, Jan 11 2009


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