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Duct Tape Clothing

clothing... made of duct tape
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you wrap duct tape around yourself in neat patterns, sticky side out. you can now stick neat items to yourself, and make a fashion statement.
Malakh, May 12 2000

(?) The Duct Tape Fashion Page http://www.octanecr...cttape/fashion.html
[bookworm, May 12 2000]

(?) Prom Night http://www.3m.com/front/prom/
Hot summer fashion [reensure, May 12 2000]

(?) Since we're on the topic of wearable packaging material: http://www.bubblebodywear.com/
Slip on a sexy ensemble made of bubble wrap [quanta, May 12 2000]

Duct Tape Fashion http://www.ducttapefashion.com
Duct Tape Fashion, Hats, Purses, Wallets, Shoes, backpacks, and more 100% duct tape. Found no where else. [keithdrone, May 12 2000]

(?) Ductopia http://ductopia.cjb.net
The largest Duct tape website and catalog selling 100% duct tape clothing and acessories at an affordable price. Ductape... oh the possibilities! [Ductmaster, May 12 2000]

(?) Duct Tape Clothing http://www.ducttape...m/beta/products.htm
Duct tape clothing duct tape accessories. whatever. [cornbread, Apr 26 2002]

[cornbread]'s first duct tape link http://ducktapeguys.com/
Moved from annotation to here. [bristolz, Apr 27 2002]

(?) [cornbread]'s second duct tape link http://www.ducttapefashion.com/
Also moved from annotation to here. [bristolz, Apr 27 2002]

[bookworm]'s fashion page, updated http://www.octanecr.../fashion/index.html
[Tobu, Jun 13 2005]

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       <grin> Visions of little kids wearing a million toys and a sign saying '-I- wanted a toybox'...
StarChaser, May 13 2000

       I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but wouldn't you stick to yourself? I could just imagine sitting down, and, when you stood up, being a sticky duct tapped mess.
dontthink, May 13 2000

       If you could stand up at all...lots of sticky surface area...
StarChaser, May 13 2000

       would you laugh at me if i said i tried something like this?   

       in all seriousness, duct tape is my quick clothing repair item of choice.
urbanmatador, May 14 2000

       <grin> Do you watch the 'Red Green Show'?   

       <A quote from a usenet sig file> A true mechanic needs only two tools. WD40 to make it go, and duct tape to make it stop.
StarChaser, May 15 2000

       Connie Willis's not-quite-sf novel _Bellwether_ includes a fad for duct-tape hair-wraps.
cosma, May 16 2000

       My friend made a wallet completely out of duct tape. It's the most useful thing I've ever seen, and I'm getting the plans to make myself a cool duct tape shirt. Duct tape and spoons, what more could you ask for?
Spoon no Miko, May 19 2000

       A friend of mine once "reinforced" (i.e., rebuilt) his existing textbook covers with two layers of duct tape (applied in perpendicular directions). You probably could've spilled boiling lye on that sucker without damage. But as a clothing item? Too sticky, I fear. If you could get something like masking tape, with low self-sticking and no residue, though ... I know some people who'd wear that.
eritain, Jun 13 2000

       I think it would be the perfect 'pick-up' tool. You spot the woman you find attractive, hug her tightly, and bring her on home. Perfect.
jeanlucp, Jun 30 2000

       I co-designed a skirt and bodice out of black duct tape. It was very Egyptian looking. For the skirt we used plastic wrap to keep it from sticking to the body. The top was duct tape stuck to itself. The only things the owner had on that weren't duct tape were her shoes.   

       The garment mentioned above was for a night club. It was easy to adjust and patch! Unfortunately, the stuff doesn't breathe, so it wouldn't work for most venues.   

       However, I think the initiator of this thread was talking about a clothing base made of duct tape. Any reasonably light accessory could be attached to this base. It would probably be a one-time-use garment since it would get extremely filthy after a short time.   

       I think Velcro is the answer, here.
robbob, Jul 09 2000

       At the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village I saw a very good-looking woman dancing atop a school bus wearing a top which was one strip of duct tape (applied sticky-side in across her chest). I thought it was groovy, but I hope she sweated enough so it wasn't painful to remove.
phunklerot, Aug 27 2000

       I have a friend who made a beautiful ball gown for herself out of layers of duct tape. Long full skirt and everything. Of course, the tape was stuck to itself in a way such that no stickey face was facing out. I myself have a handmade duct tape wallet... the only thing that isn't duct tape is the clear tape "window" for my drivers liscence.
badoingdoing, Nov 02 2000

       I have a friend who took an entire tuxedo and pasted it in duct tape and wore it to another friends' wedding. There were good and bad aspects of said suit. #1: It proved very difficult to manuever in, with duct tape at all his joints. #2: It took a lot of attention away from the bride and groom (although they appreciated most of it) #3 It embarrassed his parents to no end, who didn't know he would show up in the silver suit. #4 Do you know how hard it is to tie a necktie completely covered in duct tape? A good idea though, fun was had by all.
Hal-B, Dec 06 2000

       The idea has been actuated, and cleverly, too.   

       We are now finished with this one.
Vance, Jan 29 2001

       Just like The 5th Element...
riposte, Mar 26 2001

       Read my idea "Dress Well". Duct tape, then what? Jutebags? Condoms? Mud? Leaves? The way a society dresses shows what level of decay it is at.
kaching, Mar 04 2002

       "The way a society dresses shows what level of decay it is at."   

       Only to people who can't see beyond the clothes. It doesn't matter what someone wears, they're the same person.
StarChaser, Mar 04 2002

       dress length reflects the state of the economy, the shorter the skirt - the wealthier we are apparently.
po, Mar 04 2002

       StarChaser, why doesn't Dubya wear pyjamas and a t-shirt and go to work - he is still the presidunce? And why rent a tux and spend thousands on wedding gowns? Just wear leotards and go to wed. The bride and groom are after all the same people...
kaching, Mar 05 2002

       These guys are weak. The best websites I've seen are the [admin: URL moved to link] and [admin: URL moved to link] sheesh.   

       get a life
cornbread, Apr 26 2002

       Despite [cornbread]'s smarter-than-thou attitude on duct tape attire, he or she was unable to figure out the 'link' feature to add URLs to the page. Sheesh.
bristolz, Apr 26 2002

       The expert on duct tape fashions tells _us_ to get a life.
waugsqueke, Apr 26 2002

       StarChaser, would WD-40 therefore be some sort of 'anti-duct tape?' What happens when you combine the two? Is it like a matter-antimatter explosion?   

       This would also solve the great perplexing external removable pocket problem.
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2002

       A couple at a school in my county went to prom just a few weeks ago in homemade duct-tape outfits. For doing so, they got scholarships for like $2,500 from a duct tape company, plus an article in our illustrious (ahem – NOT!) local paper... The only issue I know of was that the clothes tended to get a little hot, so they had to take frequent breaks from dancing.
magnificat, Apr 27 2002

       Some years back whilst visiting in NYC (before Mayor Guiliani cleaned up Times Sqaure, much to my dismay!) I saw a homeless person in a coat made from newspapers and duct tape! It was one of the most creative use of those items I had ever seen.
xandram, Mar 03 2010

       At what point does it get to the point where the objects are are no longer attached to you, but you attached to the objects?   

       In soviet russia toys display you! [+]
xxobot, Mar 04 2010

       [21] Where were you in 2000? How old were you? How do you know this was baked then?   

       I still think it's a stupid, funny idea.=
blissmiss, Mar 04 2010

       Re-reading it, I find the idea of sticky-side out to be unique... and probably less painful. [+]
FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2010


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