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Cover the scratchy stuff
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I don't know about other people but garment labels sewn inside clothing and that have contact with my skin make me crazy. Even when I cut tags off as close to the garment surface as possible, tag ends still bother me due the stiffness of the serging at the base of the label.

So, I think that soft fabric tape, flannel, soft-textured vinyl, or similar, with rolled edges and an adhesive backing to apply over the cut label edge, is something I would buy. I think it needs not be a continuous tape but small patches so that all edges can be bound, rolled and soft.

There are fabric tapes on the market but, as I have found from experimentation, the die-cut edges of the tape itself are just as irritating as the labels.

bristolz, Mar 03 2005

(?) Hanes' Tagless T-Shirt http://www.showyour...-tagless-tshirt.htm
[half, Mar 04 2005]



       Little iron-on flannel patches?   

       I wonder if a tag could be shredded/tenderized sufficiently to remove the irritating hard edges?
half, Mar 03 2005

       I’ve tried that, it just opens a hole where the tag used to be three washes ago. <start of rant> I hate tags and always wished that they would just sew a three sided pocket of cloth over them so the information can still be seen but the tag gets covered and won't roll up. I mean really, how much can a flap of cast off cloth cost anyway? <e.o.r.>   

       I think Hanes got it right with their "tagless" products. I've never worn one, but it looks like they use an "iron-on" type transfer or silk screening or somesuch instead of a folded, stiff piece of sewn-in cloth.
half, Mar 04 2005

       May I draw everyone's attention to the fact that there is no fashion:dress/garment section to post this idea in. A strange vacuum site indeed.
mensmaximus, Mar 04 2005

       I recently bought a shirt with the tag information screen printed on the inside (same place and size of a tag). I was so excited to finally have a shirt like that--until I found the tag sewn into the side near the bottom. Sometimes you lose even when you win. Croissant, I want this tape!
AfroAssault, Mar 04 2005

       Labelitis. Everyone in this house has it. I've seen shirts literally ripped to shreds from scratchy labels. Absoultely anything that can aide in this life threatening syndrome, gets as many buns as I can possibly give.
blissmiss, Mar 04 2005

       Yeah! My t-shirts are all Hanes tagless. I assume it's an ink stamp, but I bet it's cheaper to make than sewing in the tags. And a very good idea.
I use my little Swiss Army knife to take the labels off all my shirts. Damn the washing instructions!
The folks who object to tag removal are usually the folks who consider the appearance of their clothing to be more important than their own comfort. I tell them they look a right fool with a tag sticking up out of the back of their collar.
Try finding some fusible interfacing (also called interlining) at a sewing supply store. It's close to what you describe, but I don't recall it lasting through very many washings.
baconbrain, Mar 05 2005


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