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Dump Jellyfish in Gulf

Petroleum Jellies
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I don't know, it just seems like they would make good sponges, what with their gelatinous bodies, and all those tentacles...
Cuit_au_Four, May 22 2010


       All pun, no bun.
swimswim, May 22 2010

       You wish. Here's fish.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 22 2010

       This made me smile. I'd suggest giving the jellyfish genes for oil-digestion prior to dumping.
sninctown, May 22 2010

       More generally, given that the leak is quite slow, it should be possible to find *something* which would adsorb or absorb the oil and remain denser than water, keeping it on the seabed. Perhaps bankers or politicians.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 22 2010

       No good. Politicians, as everyone knows, are full of hot air, which is less dense than water.
mouseposture, May 22 2010

       expanded polystyrene foam?
po, May 23 2010

       //given that the leak is quite slow//   

       That's a relative sort of a concept. 5000 barrels a day is only a slow leak in comparison to... erm... well, a really really big leak indeed.
wagster, May 23 2010

       The most recent stuff I've been hearing is that they've now managed to capture about 5000 bbl per day, but they're still missing the other 90%. So the real numbers are still out there, somewhere...
lurch, May 23 2010

       //given that the leak is quite slow//   

       The real numbers are much, much higher.
nomocrow, May 23 2010

       I don't understand the premise hat gelatinous bodies would make good sponges. If that were true, shouldn't I be able to go into a supermarket and buy a gel-sponge for my kitchen? I can't; all they have is sponge-sponges. No?
jutta, May 23 2010

       So, we could be first on the market?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2010

       And where can I get one of those premise hats?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 23 2010

       I wonder how absorbant lawyers are.   

       And then there's always Bounty. Lots and lots of paper towels.
RayfordSteele, May 24 2010

       //I wonder how absorbant lawyers are.//
What we need is a profession that's hydrophobic and amphipathic. How about bishops? According to Disraeli, they're both oleaginous and saponaceous.
mouseposture, May 24 2010


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