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gas hydrate plug removal system

a simple solution for a current problem
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Just use suction. But that may be too easy a solution, particularly for BP engineers who seem to ignore the obvious, such as pressure sensitive cut-off valves for deep drilling operations.

El dueno

el dueno, May 09 2010

Wikipedia: Blowout preventer http://en.wikipedia...i/Blowout_preventer
The Deepwater Horizon rig had one; it failed. It's not clear why. [jutta, May 10 2010]


       What's a "gas hydrate plug"?
awesomest, May 10 2010

       I don't understand what this idea actually proposes to do. (Or, for that matter, what the problem with the ice plugs is - isn't "plugging" something that we're very much trying to do here?)   

       Is the pressure-sensitive cut-off valve something similar to the blowout preventer that the rig had, or something different that you think they should have used?
jutta, May 10 2010


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