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Free Oil For Whoever Wants It!

Cleaning the Gulf can be fun AND profitable!
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For the past 9 weeks they have been trying to figure out how to clean up the oil spill and what to do with all of that oil. It's easy! Just let every oil company in the free world take any and all of the oil that they can get.

You could even have a competition to see who can cap off the broken well. The first company that can cap off the well will own it and all of the oil that flows from it.

Jscotty, Jun 22 2010

Free_20Crude_20Oil Haven't you posted this idea before? [jutta, Jun 26 2010]


       Jscotty, it's too expensive to deal with, right? After all the skimming and distilling and purifying, I'm guessing its not profitable by today's prices. Then again, if prices rise...   

       Hey, I could be wrong, too. If we just wait for the oil to entirely displace the water in the gulf, we can all go get straws and enjoy an energy free economy!   

       Making a prize competition out of it may not be a bad idea, too. But, I think it's a separate thing. That is, this is really two different ideas.
daseva, Jun 22 2010

       //Making a prize competition out of it may not be a bad idea, too.//   

       At least two N-Prize teams are testing or launching over the Gulf of Mexico. I'm prepared to offer a slightly increased prize if one of their first stages can re-enter, hit the well, and plug it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2010

       //Haven't you posted this idea before?//   

       It's better in pairs, like the Dual Commode.
ldischler, Jun 27 2010


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