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Duplex sportsball arenas

Like an arena district, but under one roof
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Let's say you have a largish city that is a four-sport market, say a summer sport, a fall sport and two wintersports, and maybe there's some overlap in the various seasons, etc. Perhaps a few times every calendar year there will be two sports in which the home team has a home game and they're both under one roof and the public can buy tickets for assigned seats to one of the two (or more?) playing fields of the venue, but also available is a sort of stadium pass to circulate between the games in progress, or decamp to the other when one game is over, etc.
LoriZ, Jan 02 2019


       I'm a little unclear, so this is an array of sports stadiums built together?   

       If so, having the freeways clogged up by a football or baseball game is bad enough. Having multiple events in one day in one area would be a traffic nightmare.
doctorremulac3, Jan 02 2019

       Almost like a "virtual" sports bar, where different sports are playing on different screens.
tumblewit, Jan 02 2019

       I think it is a mistake to apply this to sports which require arenas / stadia. There are other sports whose geographies of play dovetail nicely, both physically and temporally:
Golf and petanque;
biathlon and pigeon racing (ski for 100 miles with a wickerwork basket on your back, release the birds and then blast them out of the sky before any make it back to the loft);
others tbc
calum, Jan 03 2019

       The Biathlon usually means a small-bore rifle. It is very, very difficult and frustrating to try and hit flying pigeons (clay or live) with a rifle bullet. What you would need is a 12-bore shotgun.   

       Perching pigeons are, however, excellent targets for rifles.   

       If you insist on the traditional Biathlon equipment, we suggest either (a) gluing the pigeons to tree branches, or (b) leaving them in the basket; with a .22, it should be quite possible to shoot through the gaps in the weave, avoiding damage to the basket and allowing it to be re-used multiple times.   

       Plus you can carry the pigeons home in it to form the basis of a tasty meal at a later date.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2019

       Feel like you are not fully accepting of the notion that sporting endeavour be a challenge.
calum, Jan 03 2019

       We consider it more as a competition, to be won by any means.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2019

       WIFRT, I thought (hoped...) it would be playing 2 sports at once, in the SAME arena. Like, basketball and soccer; mount a hoop atop the goal frame, one ball for your hands and another ball for your feet. Bonus points if you can kick the soccer ball through the basketball hoop.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 13 2019


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