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Electrostatic self-cleaning floor

Dust particles on the floor are moved to a collecting point
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High voltage electric grid on the floor charges the dust particles. A CCD-like system of moving electric field then moves the charged particles to small designated points, where a central vacuum cleaner will suck it up.

This is a variation of my previous floor cleaning invention, where a high-sensitivity particle sensor detects foreigh objects on the floor and sends dozens of small robots that have tools to grab the foreign object and carry it away. If the foreign object is too heavy for the small robot, it could cut off a piece that it can carry or the robots could join forces and carry a bigger object together. After the floor is clean, the robots then go back to their charging stations embedded in the wall. This invention was, however, baked by... ants.

slovakmartin, Sep 17 2023

Return_20Of_208th [pertinax, Sep 18 2023]

CCD https://en.wikipedi...arge-coupled_device
CCD stands for Charge-coupled device, used in all older digital cameras. [slovakmartin, Sep 18 2023]


pertinax, Sep 17 2023

       Where's the cat?
minoradjustments, Sep 18 2023

       See link.
pertinax, Sep 18 2023

       Thank you, [slovakmartin].
pertinax, Sep 18 2023


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