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Taking public alcohol comsumption into the 21st Century
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Looks like an electronic cigarette, but you insert cartridges of flavored liquid alcohol, which is heated to the boiling point and the gas is inhaled like smoke.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2011

Rudyard Kipling http://answers.yaho...100222011324AA0wm3t
Wise words. [8th of 7, Oct 04 2011]

E-Cigarettes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-cigs
[21 Quest, Oct 06 2011]

maybe it *can* work http://www.awolmachine.com/page-2.htm
[swimswim, Oct 06 2011]

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       // heated to the boiling point and the gas is inhaled like smoke //

       The term "carburettor" would seem to apply.

       The term "stoic fuel/air mixture exploding in the user's lungs" would also seem relevant.

       Could be marketed under the name "Death Stick" ?

       Extremely dangerous, highly inadvisable and potentially lethal use of volatile hydrocarbons. [+].
8th of 7, Oct 04 2011

       [+], but if it looks like an electronic cigarette it's going to hold maybe 5ml of alcohol, or the equivalent of a tablespoon of spirits. Why not go for a cigar?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 04 2011

       And why not, indeed. After all, "A woman is only a woman, but a good Cigar is a Smoke"

8th of 7, Oct 04 2011

       A larger size would be perfectly acceptable, in my view. But all you really need it to hold is a shot or two. You don't typically take out a flask and chug the whole thing right then and there. You smoke a shot or two, then reload it with a few spare cartridges when you need a refill.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2011

       Step 1: construct hollow false hand to resemble your own hand, with threaded removable thumb.

       Step 2: remove own hand (preferably non-dominant hand).

       Step 3: replace real hand with hollow replica, fill with alcoholic beverage of choice, enjoy public consumption of alcoholic beverage of choice without frigging around with silly little fake-cigarette flask.

       There, problem solved. Everyone happy?
Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       [Alterother]'s suggestion is truly optimal, but if you need something more quickly, wouldn't it be easiest to simply put the hooch in an empty water or juice bottle? EDIT: errr, what [bigsleep] said.
swimswim, Oct 04 2011

       New from Alterorder, Inc.: the Handy-Flask!

       Please include sample hand with completed order form to ensure proper fit and realistic appearance.
Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       If you post it, they will bun.
swimswim, Oct 04 2011

       I think I will, if somebody hasn't beaten me to it.

       <quick HB search>

       They haven't. Bunbelievable.
Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       // If you post it, they will bun. //

Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       I thought this was going to be an iphone holder built into a flask.
nomocrow, Oct 04 2011

       Hot alcohol vapor isn't fun to breathe. They have created machines that create a nebulized mist of alcohol. See: AWOL

       Go simmer some alcohol in a pan, lean over it and breathe and get back to me after you are done coughing your eyeballs out. [-]
daseva, Oct 04 2011

       // coughing your eyeballs out //

       We will pay a dollar to watch that.
8th of 7, Oct 04 2011

       The same could be said of tobacco smoke, daseva. You've described in very accurate fashion my reaction when I tried smoking a cigarette the first time. I had the same reaction when I tried smoking marijuana. That hasn't stopped both from becoming hugely popular in most parts of the world.
21 Quest, Oct 04 2011

       Sigh. Then go lean over it and tell me when the coughing stops (2 dollars for that one, borg?).
daseva, Oct 04 2011

       Capital "B" in "Borg", IF you don't mind .. we are a proper noun.
8th of 7, Oct 04 2011

       It's the only thing proper about them, in fact.
Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       My deepest appy polly loggies.
daseva, Oct 04 2011

       And no, I won't go lean over it, are you mad? I also don't carry a flask with me in public, so why would I carry an E- Flask?
21 Quest, Oct 05 2011

       "I am the inventor of this product and even I wouldn't dare use it. Order now: $32.99 for your first e-Flask and one dozen cartridges. Order now, now, NOW!"
swimswim, Oct 05 2011

       Well think about it, if I don't enjoy breathing hot smoke why would I enjoy breathing hot vapor? I'd find someone who *does* and have *them* do the marketing.
21 Quest, Oct 05 2011

       // one dozen cartridges //

       You could make that "thirteen cartridges. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ! Refund to your heirs and successors on 12 cartridges if returned unused, intact in their original packaging."
8th of 7, Oct 05 2011

       All I want to do is get back to the idea. And it is a pretty shit idea, 21, IMHO.
daseva, Oct 05 2011

       Well ok then fine, back to the idea we go. E-Cigs produce a vapor, which is inhaled in lieu of smoke, and people have taken to them without issue. Why would alcohol be different?
21 Quest, Oct 06 2011

       Because, as has already been ever-so-briefly touched upon, inhaling alcohol vapor is basically inimical to respiratory function.
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       // inhaling alcohol vapor is basically inimical to respiratory function //

       Further, inhaling and then igniting alcohol vapor is basically inimical to life
8th of 7, Oct 06 2011

       But not to comedy.
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       Presuming that your idea of "comedy" is watching someone's thorax explode with lethal consequences, then yes.

       It's certainly ours.
8th of 7, Oct 06 2011

       Sounds like cause for a fire sale -- a product that doesn't accomplish its intended function, and an exploding product at that.
swimswim, Oct 06 2011

       Ah... I admit, I was unaware. Inhaling smoke was inimical to respiratory function when I tried it... how is alcohol vapor different?
21 Quest, Oct 06 2011

       Hmm... Maybe it *can* be made to work, with some minor modifications. <Link> Here's a bun to make up for all the bullying we've been putting you through.
swimswim, Oct 06 2011

       // how is alcohol vapor different? //

       I don't know exactly how to explain it in biochem terms, but if you really want to know, try this:

       Buy a bottle of Bacardi 151, pour some into a coffe mug and microwave it on the lowest setting; about 30-40 seconds should do. Once vapor is visible over the surface of the liquid, put your mouth over the mug and inhale deeply. Then you will understand how inhaling alcohol vapor is not the same as inhaling smoke.

       I have not done this myself, but that's because I already have a pretty good idea of what would happen.
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       Have you inhaled smoke? It's got a pretty nasty effect, one which has been known to be fatal on occasion. That hasn't stopped people from sucking on cigars and cigarettes.
21 Quest, Oct 06 2011

       Yes, [21], I have inhaled smoke. A good deal of my career as a welder has involved inhaling smoke. The last time I did it was about 20 minutes ago when I had a half-hit of indica to ease the pain in my leg. Just trust us, it's not the same. As I said, if you want to know this badly, just try it.

       Furthermore, once your lungs were filled with alcohol vapor, it would take only a tiny spark to ignite it--for instance, a static discharge from the electronic device used to vaporize the alcohol. Then it won't just feel like you're breathing fire, you actually will be.
Alterother, Oct 06 2011

       Alcohol is more volatile than nicotine. It has a greater propensity to get in the air and this translates to a greater propensity to destroy the tissues, (kind of). Absorption by the body tissues depends on many other factors, but this is a good start.

       Also, the LD50 (dose required to kill half the members) for alcohol is somewhere around 3500 mg/kg bodyweight. The LD50 for nicotine is about 50 mg/kg. Therefore, one could hypothesize that the vapor concentrations for inhalable alcohol should be 7 times that for nicotine in order to get similar bodily effects. Inhaling 7 e-cigarettes at once is gonna burn like a bitch too!

       This is a lot of handwaving, I admit. In the end, the fact is that nobody has ever had fun inhaling hot alcohol vapors, there are products that get alcohol in the air, but the mechanism isn't simply "heat alcohol, inhale". The successful mechanism is more like "nebulize the alcohol into particles small enough to deposit in the lungs, inhale".
daseva, Oct 10 2011


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